Accessibility Statement

Making Our Content Accessible For All

Here at, our web development team is fully dedicated to ensuring that everyone can easily access and enjoy all parts of our website, regardless of ability. Since the beginning, our goal has been to create an experience that works for people with any type of disability or limitation.

We regularly review updates to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to help us identify and address any unintentional barriers that may exist. We always strive to provide users with engaging and hassle-free experiences. 

Valuable Input From Real Users

While the guidelines are extremely useful, nothing teaches like real-world experience. That’s why we’re always open to hearing from readers who rely on certain accessibility features to use the internet.

If you’ve come across something that makes navigating our site more difficult than it should be, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Just send a message from the contact page with the URL of the troublesome page and a brief description of the problem. Our development team will then look into finding a solution.

Ensuring Accessibility For Everyone

To make sure Bodybuilding Reviews remains fully accessible to all, we regularly analyze new pages for the various accessibility features available across devices:

  • Labels on static and dynamic input forms
  • Keyboard and mouse accessibility integration
  • Color contrast
  • Easy text zoom features
  • Descriptive video and image captions
  • Closed captions on videos
  • Easy-to-understand link descriptions
  • Easy to view and navigate menus and forms
  • Clear HTML heading structure for text content
  • Continuous Accessibility Assessments

Ongoing Quality Checks

Our developers have established a thorough quality assurance process to confirm all pages comply with accessibility standards. This involves manual and automated testing, as well as reviews by individuals with different abilities.

As technology rapidly advances how people access the web, we consistently review new developments to help us continue progressing toward an inclusive experience for all readers.