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Best Knee Compression Sleeve of 2024, Tested by Olympic Weightlifting Experts

Choosing the right knee sleeves takes research. Discover our top-rated options based on material, support level and your training style to find the perfect fit.

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; we may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. You can learn more about our review process here.


Aching knees can put a damper on the simplest of activities, transforming every step into a real struggle. Whether you’re an athlete pushing your limits or someone battling the rigors of age, knee pain can be a constant companion, robbing you of your freedom. Well, there could be a solution.

Welcome to the world of knee sleeves – a practical and effective solution designed to support and protect your knees. Let’s explore their benefits and how they can transform your daily life.

We’ll also review some of the best options in the market, based on durability, comfort, and effectiveness.

What are Knee Sleeves?

Picture a snug, often elastic cover that slides right over your knee. That’s essentially what a knee sleeve is. But don’t let the simplicity of its design fool you; these accessories have quite a lot to offer.

Knee sleeves are typically made from neoprene, a type of synthetic rubber that offers excellent flexibility and durability. They come in various sizes and thicknesses, designed to fit snugly around your knee.

Again, the construction is quite thoughtful. Some knee sleeves feature additional elements like straps for extra support or patella cutouts to relieve pressure on the knee cap. Despite these variations, the primary purpose remains the same – to provide a protective layer for your knee.

Best Knee Sleeves

Best Knee Sleeves Overall:
DMoose Knee Compression Sleeves

Best Knee Sleeves for Squats:
Gymreapers 7mm Knee Sleeves

Best Weightlifting Knee Sleeves:
Iron Bull Strength 7mm Knee Sleeves

Best Knee Sleeves with Gel Pads:
Neenca Gel Pad Knee Sleeves

Best Budget Knee Sleeves:
Cambivo Knee Sleeves

Our Top Picks

#1 DMoose Knee Compression Sleeves

Key features:

  • Material: Neoprene
  • Fit: Compression, contoured to knee shape
  • Features: Sweat-absorbent, odor-resistant, non-slip design
  • Ideal for: Athletic activities, recovery, and injury prevention
  • Thickness: 7mm
  • Servings per packet: 20

What we love:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free standard delivery on orders over $49
  • Exceptional customer service with free and easy returns
  • Neoprene material for easy slide-on application and snug fit
  • Provides compression, increases blood flow, and stabilizes the knee joint
  • Absorbs sweat, keeps the knee dry and odor-free
  • Suitable for athletes and weightlifters, aiding in both warm-ups and active support

What to consider:

  • Only available in select sizes
  • May require proper measuring for optimal fit

Why we choose DMoose Knee Compression Sleeves:

DMoose Knee Sleeves stand out for their exceptional blend of comfort and support, making them an ideal choice for physically active individuals. Providing both preventive and rehabilitative support, these sleeves offer a unique solution for knee pain management and injury prevention.


DMoose Knee Sleeves are engineered to offer unparalleled support, stability, and comfort during any physical activity. With a focus on injury prevention and pain relief, they aid in quicker recovery times and enhance performance.

Their breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities ensure extended comfort, while the neoprene construction guarantees lasting durability and an optimal compression fit. Whether running, jumping, or squatting, the DMoose Knee Sleeves are designed to keep your knees protected and pain-free.

#2 Gymreapers 7mm Knee Sleeves

Key features:

  • Material: High-quality Neoprene
  • Thickness: Available in 3, 5, and 7 mm
  • Sizing: Options from Small to XX-Large
  • Approval Status: USPA-approved; not IPF/IWF-approved

What we love:

    • Includes a complimentary carrying bag
    • Backed by a 1-year replacement guarantee
    • Simple care instructions: machine washable and air dryable
    • Cost-effective alternative with a sturdy 7-mm thickness

What to consider:

  • Limited selection in colors
  • Some reports of premature wear and tearing

Why we choose Gymreapers 7mm Knee Sleeves:

Gymreapers’ reputation precedes them as a provider of reliable fitness gear, and their 7MM Knee Sleeves are no exception. These sleeves emerge as the go-to option for those seeking heavyweight support at a fraction of the cost, despite some compromises in product longevity.


Gymreapers 7MM Knee Sleeves represent a value-packed offering in the realm of supportive workout gear. While they may not rival the premium build of pricier models, our testing indicates that these sleeves deliver adequate support, especially during heavy lifting sessions.

Noted by our reviewer, for their effectiveness in squat routines, these sleeves are tailored to preserve the integrity of the knees. However, they might exhibit less compression compared to other brands, and durability may be a concern over extended use.

Therefore, these sleeves are recommended for fitness enthusiasts and athletes seeking a cost-effective option for occasional use or as a backup pair.

#3 Iron Bull Strength 7mm Knee Sleeves

Key features:

  • Material: High-quality, durable Neoprene
  • Thickness: 7mm – optimal for varied workouts
  • Sizing: Wide range from XS to XXL
  • Approval Status: Recognized by USPA, IPL, IWF, and USAW

What we love:

  • Robust 7mm Neoprene material for durability
  • Anti-slip technology keeps sleeves secure
  • Approved by USPA, IPL, IWF, and USAW
  • Flexible enough for diverse CrossFit workouts
  • Retains comfort over long training sessions

What to consider:

  • Thickness may be restrictive for some movements
  • Not ideal for athletes to prefer a lighter sleeve

Why we choose Iron Bull Strength 7mm Knee Sleeves:

Iron Bull 7MM Knee Sleeves are distinguished by their dual capacity, catering to both the strength and flexibility demands of CrossFit athletes. Melding formidable support with sufficient give for various exercises, they stand out as a versatile, all-in-one solution.


CrossFit requires gear that can withstand rigorous routines while offering the wearer comfort and joint protection. Iron Bull 7MM Knee Sleeves deliver on these counts, providing the needed support for heavy lifts and the pliability for dynamic movements.

Despite their thickness, wearer feedback highlights their comfort across different exercise forms, indicating a design that understands the athlete’s needs. While they are indeed thick, the material does not compromise on flexibility, ensuring both protection and performance.

#4 Neenca Gel Pad Knee Sleeves

Key features:

  • Material: Combination of Neoprene, elastic, and silicone
  • Thickness: Not explicitly specified, but supportive
  • Sizing: Available from S to 3XL
  • Approval Status: Approved by FSA/HSA

What we love:

  • Suitable for daily pain management and support
  • Full refund guarantee for utmost customer satisfaction
  • Exceptional customer service responsiveness
  • Free from latex, ideal for sensitive skin

What to consider:

  • Requires hand-washing and cannot be machine-dried
  • Some users report difficulties with sleeve slippage
  • Functions more as a brace than a traditional sleeve

Why we choose Neenca Gel Pad Knee Sleeves:

The Neenca Knee Sleeve with Gel Pad is selected for its comprehensive support structure, designed for those needing extra knee stabilization, which is especially beneficial during recovery from injury.


Neenca Knee Sleeve with Gel Pad caters to a specific audience, providing significant stability with its built-in gel pad that encircles the knee cap and reinforced metal supports. Our team found the brace to be markedly supportive, with metal inserts limiting excessive lateral knee movements, a critical feature for injury convalescence.

While it offers robust protection, it is also comfortable for regular wear despite the presence of metal inserts. It is optimized for individuals with significant knee issues rather than everyday athletes with typical knee health.

#5 Cambivo Knee Sleeves

Key features:

  • Material: Elastic and silicone blend
  • Thickness: Not specified but designed for comfort
  • Sizing: Ranges from S to XXL
  • Approval Status: Not recognized by IPF/IWF

What we love:

  • Cost-effective option for budget-conscious customers
  • Marketed for versatility in daily wear and exercise
  • Crafted from breathable material, enhancing comfort
  • Available in a variety of colors to suit different preferences

What to consider:

  • Contains latex, posing a risk for those with allergies
  • Care instructions suggest hand-washing only, limiting convenience

Why we choose Cambivo Knee Sleeves:

Cambivo Knee Sleeves were selected for their ability to provide lightweight support suitable for those who engage in mild to moderate physical activity, affirming their commitment to versatility and user comfort.


Our evaluation confirmed Cambivo’s dedication to a seamless design that prioritizes ease of use and breathability, making them an ideal choice for day-long wear or those engaging in low-impact workouts. Our team reported a snug fit and reliable positioning during various exercises, attributing this stability to the high-quality elastic band.

While the Cambivo sleeve maintains knee warmth and aids in motion, it does not sacrifice comfort or cause excessive perspiration. For high-intensity training that demands superior knee support, these sleeves may fall short, but they excel in less demanding sessions, providing optimal balance between flexibility and support.

The testing confirmed their efficacy during dynamic workout sessions such as kickboxing, where transitioning between movements is paramount.

Types Of Knee Sleeves

  • Compression Knee Sleeve: As the name suggests, these sleeves provide compression to the knee area. Made from materials like neoprene, spandex, or a nylon blend, they do their thing while retaining heat, enhancing circulation, and helping to reduce swelling and pain[2]. They’re common in sports like basketball and weightlifting.
  • Knee Support Sleeve: These sleeves provide more focused support, often featuring additional padding or stabilization features. They’re designed to protect the knee from potential injuries and are typically used in high-intensity activities or by those recovering from knee injuries.
  • Copper Knee Sleeve: Infused with copper ions, these sleeves promise extra benefits such as improved circulation and pain relief. The copper is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, making copper knee brace a popular choice among those dealing with arthritis or similar conditions[1].
  • Powerlifting Knee Sleeves: These are specifically designed for powerlifters. They’re usually thicker and provide more compression than regular knee sleeves, offering maximum support during heavy lifts.
  • CrossFit Knee Sleeves: Designed with the diverse range of movements in CrossFit in mind, these sleeves offer a balance of flexibility and support. They’re typically made from durable materials to withstand the rigors of intense workouts.
  • Compression Knee Brace: This type provides the highest level of support, often featuring straps or other mechanisms for customizing the fit and level of compression. They are common with people recovering from serious knee injuries or surgeries.

How We Tested and Chose the Best Knee Sleeves for Squats and Other Workouts

To find the best knee sleeves, we implemented a thorough testing process grounded in research, expert opinion, and real-world usage. Here’s what we considered:

Material Quality

The material of a knee sleeve is crucial because it directly affects its durability, comfort, and performance. The most common material used is neoprene, known for its flexibility and durability.

We tested the quality of the neoprene used in each sleeve, ensuring it could withstand regular use without losing its elasticity or support. A high-quality material, like in the case of a copper-fit knee brace, will also feel comfortable against your skin, minimizing the chances of irritation.

Comfort & Fit

The effectiveness of a knee sleeve largely depends on how well it fits. It needs to be snug enough to stay in place and provide adequate compression, but not so tight that it restricts blood flow or movement.

We tested various sizes and designs, noting any instances of the sleeve slipping down or causing discomfort. The knee sleeves for lifting (or any other workout) should feel like a second skin – present and supportive, but not intrusive.


Knee sleeves come in different thicknesses, typically ranging from 3mm to 7mm. Thicker sleeves offer more support and warmth, making them excellent powerlifting knee sleeves.

On the other hand, thinner gym knee sleeves allow for more mobility and are often preferred for endurance sports or daily use. We evaluated sleeves of different thicknesses, considering their potential applications and the level of support they offer.

User Feedback & Reviews

User reviews provide invaluable insights into a product’s real-world performance. We sifted through numerous reviews and ratings, focusing on aspects such as durability, effectiveness, and overall user satisfaction. This helped us understand any common issues users faced and how the sleeves held up over time.

Expert Opinion

Experts like fitness coaches and physiotherapists have a deep understanding of the human body and the demands of various physical activities. We consulted with such experts to get their views on what constitutes a good knee sleeve.

Their input allowed us to consider factors that might not be immediately apparent to the average user but could significantly impact the sleeve’s performance and effectiveness.

Performance in Real-World Scenarios

Finally, we put the knee sleeves to the test ourselves, wearing them during various physical activities. This gave us first-hand experience of how each sleeve performed under real-world conditions, allowing us to assess their comfort, support, and durability personally.

Benefits of Knee Sleeves

Pull-up bars are a fantastic tool for upper body strength training, but they must be used correctly to avoid injury and to get the most out of your workout. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a pull-up bar:

  • Enhanced Support:
    Knee sleeves provide compression around the knee joint, offering extra support during physical activities. This additional backing can help reduce the risk of knee injuries and give you the confidence to push harder during your workouts.
  • Improved Circulation:
    The compression provided by knee sleeves also boosts blood circulation to the area. Better blood flow facilitates quicker recovery post-workout and promotes healing in case of minor injuries or strains.
  • Pain Relief:
    If you experience chronic knee pain or are recovering from an injury, knee sleeves can offer some relief. The gentle pressure they apply can alleviate discomfort and make it easier for you to move around.
  • Warmth:
    Heated sleeves help keep your joints warm. This warmth can be particularly beneficial during cold weather workouts, as it prevents your knees from stiffening up and reduces the risk of injury.
  • Enhanced Performance:
    By providing support and stability, sleeves for lifting can help improve your performance, especially during heavy lifting or high-intensity workouts.
  • Injury Prevention:
    Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of compression sleeves is their role in injury prevention. By offering support and stability, they can help prevent common knee injuries, such as sprains or ACL tears.

Who Should Use Knee Sleeves?

Knee support sleeves can be a beneficial addition to:


Weightlifters often put tremendous strain on their knees while performing heavy lifts. 5mm or 7mm weightlifters sleeves can provide the necessary support and stability to help prevent injuries and enhance performance.


Whether you’re a sprinter or a long-distance runner, the repetitive impact of your feet hitting the ground can take a toll on your knees over time. 7mm sleeves can help alleviate some of this stress, offering comfort and protection.


From basketball players making sharp cuts on the court to soccer players constantly pivoting and changing direction, this basketball sleeves can provide valuable support and protection in many sports.

People with Previous Knee Injuries:

If you’ve had a knee injury in the past, wearing a knee sleeve can provide additional support and stability, reducing the risk of re-injury.

Older Adults:

As we age, our joints, including our knees, can start to feel the effects of wear and tear. Compression sleeves can offer relief by providing gentle compression and warmth, promoting better circulation and mitigating pain.

Active Individuals:

Even if you’re not an athlete or avid gym-goer, if you lead an active lifestyle that involves a lot of walking, climbing stairs, or other activities that put stress on your knees, it can help protect your knees and make these activities more comfortable.

final-sec verdictConclusion

Knee sleeves can be a game-changer, especially when you’re striving for peak performance or seeking additional support for your knees. From enhanced support and improved circulation to pain relief and injury prevention, the knee sleeves for squats are an excellent buy. They’re not just for weightlifters or professional athletes, but also for older adults, and anyone looking to protect their knees.

Choosing the right one involves understanding your needs, knowing the right fit, and being mindful of quality over cost. So, whether you’re lifting heavy at the gym, hitting the pavement for a run, or simply living an active lifestyle, consider getting one of these. Your knees might just thank you for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. When Should I Wear Knee Sleeves?
A. Crossfit sleeves can be worn whenever you’re engaging in activities that put significant stress on your knees. This could include weightlifting, running, or other high-intensity workouts. However, they’re not meant to be worn all the time. It’s advisable to remove them after your workout to allow your skin to breathe and prevent any potential discomfort.
Q. How Tight Should Knee Sleeves be?
A. The fit of your compression sleeves is crucial for their effectiveness. They should be snug enough to provide support and stay in place during your workout, but not so tight that they cut off circulation or restrict your movement. If you feel any numbness, tingling, or excessive discomfort, your knee sleeves are likely too tight.

Q. How Much Do Knee Sleeves Cost?
A. The cost can vary widely depending on factors like material quality, brand, and design features. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to over $100 for a pair of good-quality knee sleeves.

Q. Do Knee Braces Really Work? What do knee sleeves do?
A. Yes, knee braces do work. They are designed to provide support, reduce pain, and improve stability in the knee joint. However, their effectiveness largely depends on using them correctly and for the appropriate conditions.

Q. Do Knee Sleeves Prevent Injury?
A. While sleeves can’t guarantee you’ll never sustain a knee injury, they can significantly reduce the risk. By providing support and stability, they help to protect the knee joint during high-stress activities. They also promote better alignment and movement patterns, which can further help prevent injuries.

Q. How do I choose the Best knee brace?
A. To choose the best knee brace, first identify your needs (e.g., injury prevention, pain relief). Consult a healthcare professional for their recommendation. Ensure the brace is comfortable and the right size. Consider different types of braces and their features, and opt for durable, breathable materials. Reading customer reviews can also be helpful.

2 Sources

BodybuildingReviews avoids using tertiary references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and rely on peer-reviewed studies, academic researches from medical associations and institutions. To ensure the accuracy of articles in BodybuildingReviews, you can read more about the editorial process here.

  1. Copper Mediates Anti-Inflammatory and Antifibrotic Activity of Gleevec in Hepatocellular Carcinoma-Induced Male Rats:
  2. Neoprene Thigh Sleeves and Muscle Cooling After Exercise:

Erin Pereira, PT, DPT

Erin Pereira, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist and athletic trainer at Athletico Physical Therapy in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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