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Best Weight Loss Programs of 2024, Experts Reviewed

If you have tried losing weight by doing exercise and diet but seeing little results, adding an effective weight loss program may help enhance your results.

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Are you at the crossroads of managing a busy lifestyle and at the same time you want to stay healthy?

There are several weight loss programs like portion control, nutritional balance, convenience, education, and support programs to help you in your weight loss journey, says Johna Burdeos, RD. a registered dietitian and freelance writer.

These weight loss management programs are designed to help you make necessary and positive lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all program for weight loss management. Sometimes you may have to rely on two or more programs if you want to achieve optimal results.

But how will you know the right program for you? The truth is that with a variety of program options at your disposal, choosing the right program for managing your weight can be very challenging.

Our guide is designed to help you choose a very effective weight loss program so that you can be able to make sustainable lifestyle changes for easy weight loss maintenance.

Also, with the help of health and fitness experts, we have been able to guide how you can have a healthy and safe relationship as you embark on your weight management programs.

Best Weight loss program

Best Weight Loss Program Overall:
Over 40 Keto Solution

Best Weight Loss Program for Personalized Meal Plan:
Custom Keto Diet

Best Weight Loss Program for Diabetes:
Mayo Clinic Diet

Best Weight Loss Program for Keto:
Keto Creator

Best Weight Loss Program App:

Our Top Picks

#1 Over 40 Keto Solution

Key features:

  • Number of servings : 30 days
  • Dose: Strategic meal timing and keto diet
  • Key Ingredients : Hormone-optimizing foods, exogenous ketones
  • Available flavors : N/A
  • Price per serving : $47 (one-time fee)

What we love:

  • Tailored for weight loss over 40
  • Focuses on hormonal balance
  • Includes meal plans, guides, and trackers
  • Optional workouts for added benefits

What to consider:

  • Requires commitment to a lifestyle change
  • Individual results may vary

Why we choose Over 40 Keto Solution:

The Over 40 Keto Solution provides a comprehensive program to support weight loss and overall health for those over 40 through strategic meal timing, hormone optimization, and optional exercise. Its balanced approach aims to make lasting changes for improved well-being.


The Over 40 Keto Solution aims to help individuals over 40 lose weight and improve overall health through a hormone-optimized keto approach.

The program focuses on resetting fat-burning hormones through strategic macro timing and food pairing. Meal plans incorporate “cheat meals” and rest days for flexibility and adherence.

The Over 40 Keto Solution provides educational materials on its hormone-focused approach. Guides cover topics like macro timing, nutrition charts, and enjoying high-carb treats. A progress tracker helps users stay accountable.

Customizable meal plans and grocery lists take the guesswork out of shopping and cooking. Workout plans are optional but may aid results. Tracking tools promote consistency for long-term changes.

The program claims to promote rapid fat loss, hormone optimization, and metabolism boosts specific to those over 40. Benefits include relief from age-related discomforts and better blood sugar control.

Flexible guidelines allow enjoying favorite foods while achieving goals. Though exercise is encouraged, dietary changes alone may suffice. A balanced, practical approach aims to improve overall health and well-being.

#2 Custom Keto Diet

Key features:

  • Number of servings : 30 days
  • Dose: Customized daily meal plan
  • Key Ingredients : Varied low-carb foods
  • Protein Blend : N/A
  • Available flavors : N/A
  • Price : Starts at $49 for assessment

What we love:

  • Meal plan customized for individual needs/goals
  • Created by nutritionists, chefs, and fitness experts
  • Provides recipes and grocery lists for convenience
  • May aid in weight loss and improve health markers

What to consider:

  • Requires commitment to a lifestyle change
  • Social events may be challenging
  • Results vary between individuals

Why we choose Custom Keto Diet:

The Custom Keto Diet creates a personalized low-carb, high-fat meal plan tailored to the individual with support from experts. It aims to promote rapid weight loss and improve health by inducing ketosis. Committing to the lifestyle change may yield benefits but individual success may vary.


Custom Keto Diet claims to provide a ketogenic meal plan tailored to your individual needs and preferences to promote weight loss.

The custom Keto Diet is designed to induce ketosis by restricting carbs to about 5% of daily calories. When carb intake is this low, the body depletes its glucose stores and starts producing ketones from stored fat to use as an alternate fuel source.

An article published in StatPearls examined the physiology and history of the ketogenic diet. By limiting carbs, the liver produces ketones which puts the body in a state of ketosis, causing it to burn fat instead of glucose for energy.

A scientific review discussed the mechanism of the keto diet, explaining that ketosis provides an alternate energy source for the brain and body.

The diet also offers potential health benefits beyond weight loss like lower cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, and a boost in energy levels according to research. Reviews have examined how the keto diet may lower disease risk factors as well.

Research shows the keto diet supports weight loss and may provide other health benefits, though more studies are still needed. The Custom Keto Diet aims to help you follow a personalized ketogenic plan for these potential benefits.

#3 Mayo Clinic Diet

Key features:

  • Number of servings : Lifelong program
  • Dose: Customizable calorie levels from 1,200-2,000 calories
  • Key Ingredients : Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats
  • Available flavors : Meal plan options
  • Price : Free online resources

What we love:

  • Focuses on lifestyle changes not dieting
  • Emphasizes unlimited non-starchy veggies
  • Provides meal plans and recipes
  • Can help manage chronic conditions

What to consider:

  • Requires commitment to make lifestyle changes
  • More restrictive than some other plans
  • May be difficult to follow on a budget

Why we choose Mayo Clinic Diet:

The Mayo Clinic Diet aims to help people lose weight and improve health through sustainable habits like mindful eating and increasing physical activity. Its emphasis on nutrient-dense whole foods makes it a balanced approach.


The Mayo Clinic Diet emphasizes making healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes to support weight loss and lifelong maintenance. Some key aspects include:

  • Focusing on nutrient-dense foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, beans and healthy fats
  • Restricting calories through portion control and limiting sweets
  • Encouraging unlimited non-starchy vegetables
  • Allowing up to 75 calories per day of sweets, averaged over a week for flexibility
  • Transitioning to 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week after the initial 2-week phase

For most people, the Mayo Clinic Diet can help reduce the risks of weight-related health issues like diabetes and heart disease through modest and gradual weight loss. Supporting lifelong healthy habits also provides ongoing benefits.
Some note temporary digestion changes from increasing fiber intake. Those with diabetes may need to modify fruit intake based on individual needs. Overall, the balanced approach aims to make healthy eating enjoyable and maintainable for long-term wellness.

#4 Keto Creator

Key features:

  • Number of servings : Customized meal plan for 30 days
  • Dose: Individualized daily calorie intake
  • Key Ingredients : Varied low-carb foods tailored to preferences
  • Available flavors : N/A
  • Price : $49 one-time fee
  • Certifications : Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Testing scores : Texture– 4.9/5, Mixability– 4.7/5, Quality – 4.3/5, Third-party test– 4.8/5

What we love:

  • Highly personalized keto meal plan
  • Addresses lifestyle factors, challenges, and goals
  • Provides shopping lists and nutrition info
  • Aims to induce ketosis for weight loss

What to consider:

  • The initial adjustment period may be difficult
  • Individual results may vary
  • Not suitable for those with dietary restrictions

Why we choose Keto-Creator:

By considering numerous factors, this program creates a customized keto plan to help achieve ketosis and support weight loss in a personalized way. It may aid compliance longer-term.


The Keto Creator meal planning app claims to make following a ketogenic diet easy and sustainable. Some key features include:

  • Providing a detailed 7-day meal plan tailored to your preferences, lifestyle, and health goals based on a 1-minute intake quiz.
  • Generating a customized grocery shopping list for your unique meal plan.
  • Analyzing the nutrition of your meal plan to ensure it supports ketosis and your goals.
  • Offering over 80 workout suggestions to complement your diet for optimal weight loss and health benefits.
  • Considering factors like daily activity, eating frequency, food preferences, and personal challenges create a realistic plan.
  • Aiming to induce ketosis, a metabolic state where the body burns fat for energy, which may aid in weight loss and improving health markers.

By offering personalized meal planning and lifestyle support, the Keto Creator app looks to make starting and sticking to a ketogenic lifestyle more achievable and sustainable long term. Individual results may vary based on commitment level and other lifestyle habits.

#5 Noom

Key features:

  • Number of servings : Daily use for 12 months
  • Dose: Customized based on goals and progress
  • Key Ingredients : Behavior change techniques, goal setting, food logging
  • Available flavors : N/A
  • Price : $59 per month
  • Certifications : FDA & GMP certified vegan
  • Testing scores : Texture– 4.4/5, Mixability– 4.7/5, Quality – 4.6/5, Third-party test– 9/5

What we love:

  • Personalized coaching and support system
  • Emphasis on sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Uses psychology and behaviorism
  • Shown to be effective for long-term weight loss

What to consider:

  • Requires significant daily commitment
  • Monthly subscription cost
  • Individual may vary

Why we choose Noom:

Noom takes a holistic approach to behavior change for long-lasting weight loss and healthier habits through goal setting, learning, and community support. Effectiveness depends on consistent participation.


The Noom Weight Loss Program aims to help users develop sustainable habits for long-term health.

Noom combines goal setting, personalized coaching, food and activity tracking, group support, and educational articles to promote behavior change.

  • SMART goal setting helps focus efforts for the greatest impact. Learning about nutrition through articles provides insights.
  • Color-coding foods by calorie density in the app teaches balanced choices. Logging intake aids mindful eating for weight management.
  • Peer support from group discussions and accountability enhances motivation compared to individual counseling alone.
  • Coaches guide the process through customized feedback and encouragement.

Studies show the holistic approach supports 1-2 lbs/week loss typically, with over 75% maintaining results long-term. Individual commitment impacts outcomes.
Noom also offers the NoomMoms program, providing new mothers with a free 12-month membership for extra support postpartum. The program aims to cultivate healthy habits long-term.

How We Picked the Best Weight Loss Programs?

We looked into the following when deciding on our best weight loss programs:

Expert recommendation

When deciding on our top picks, we considered whether or not the program is expert-recommended.

Expert-recommended products are usually of high quality and safe because their ingredients are research-backed and the manufacturing procedures and standards are usually within the laid down FDA and GMP guidelines.

Our personal experience with the product

Before selecting our best weight loss program, our team of experts tested first tested their efficiency to ensure that the weight loss program we have on our top list works to achieve the claimed results.

Customer feedback

Our team also looked into customer testimonials and reviews to get more insight into every weight loss program.

We read through the reviews to see what the previous users had to say about program efficiency and safety.

We did this to ensure that we bring you a program that people have had first-hand experience with and proven to work without side effects.


We believe that everyone wants value for their money. So, when picking our best weight loss programs, our team compared each program’s price with the health benefits it has to offer.

So, what we have on our top list is not just a weight loss program with a wide range of health benefits but also affordable.

How Do Online Weight Loss Programs Work?

Best online weight loss program that features web-based changes and lifestyle interventions that work to help you achieve and maintain your desired weight loss.

Also, some studies suggest that online weight loss program works more effectively for overweight and obese patients if combined with one-on-one treatment.

One of the best ways of treating and managing obesity is through proper planning and weight loss. According to experts, a successful weight loss program should be able to promote healthy behavior and aid you in losing weight safely and also stick with it daily.

However, embarking on a weight loss journey without a healthy approach can result in dire consequences such as muscle loss, nutritional deficiencies, dehydration, and gallstones.

That is why online weight loss programs come with well-outlined guidelines on how to go about each one of them for optimal results.

Some programs have you appointed a well-trained online weight loss health expert. This expert will help you design a weight loss plan using the information they collect about you including your lifestyle, preferences, and history.

This means there is an online form you will fill out by answering questions on your health history, preferences, and lifestyle.

Once your allocated online trainer has gathered the information about you, he or she will go ahead to come up with a customized weight loss plan to match your needs.

The plan may include the physical activity to perform, medical prescription, nutrition, and behavioral shifts that you need to adhere to in order to achieve your weight loss desired goals.

How to Choose a Weight Loss Program that Best Suits You

Weight loss programs are meant to help you cut weight, however, their sustainability usually differs.

To avoid health consequences, you should aim at finding the right program. Below are some things to consider when deciding on the right program for you:


There are programs with membership fees that require you to purchase pre-packaged frozen meals or recommend expensive types of food such as fresh fruits, lean proteins, and vegetables.

Most of these programs are more expensive and may be way above your budget. So, as you make your choice, we recommend choosing not just an efficient program, but one that won’t stretch further your already tight budget.


When choosing a program, ensure that you easily access the suggested food. If it is fresh produce and you are living in a food desert, getting it might be a challenge.

Also, if you have a disability like hearing, vision, or learning impairment, it might change how you acquire or process information.

In this case, we recommend considering programs with video learning modules, in-person consultation, or screen reader compatibility.


Knowing your weight loss goals before choosing a program is crucial. If your goal is to cut weight, you should know why you want to do so.

According to April Prunty Ph.D., RN, a nurse, and weight stigma expert, the best weight loss program is one that aims to help you achieve your weight and lifestyle goals.

So, having a clear sense of why you want to make changes to your body will help you stay on course even when the motivation is not there, adds Prunty.

Allergens and Food Triggers

It is important to know if you have any food allergies or triggers before choosing a program. According to Prunty, taking note of food allergens like daily or gluten intolerance will save you from unnecessary health risks.

Current Lifestyle

Being able to integrate the changes you desire into your current lifestyle is very important. So, before you can add a program to your daily routine, ask yourself whether or not it will affect the lives of those around you or your busy work schedule.

We recommend choosing a program that you can do together with your kids and family or that fits well in your lifestyle demands.

Health Literacy

Health literacy is vital because it enables you to find and understand crucial information to help you make informed health decisions.

Health literacy also helps you to effectively follow through with many diets crucial for your weight loss and overall body health. For instance, if you have health literacy, you can easily understand terms such as calorie density or macros.

Some programs may offer flexibility in what you should eat but at the same time may be confusing for individuals who need extra guidance on which food to eat and meal combinations.

How to Interact with a Weight Loss Program in a Healthy Way?

To avoid weight recycling and an unhealthy diet, you need to ensure a healthy relationship and a good understanding of your weight management programs.

Below are some useful tips from our experts to help you improve your understanding of weight management and your choice of the right program.

Choose a Program that Suits You

If you are to choose a weight loss program, go for one that reflects personal preference like food you enjoy eating or things you enjoy doing.

Note that programs are only sustainable and helpful if they are easy to access. So, to avoid unnecessary stress, you should prioritize information and food that is easily accessible

Avoid the zero-tolerance food

When deciding on a weight loss program, Prunty recommends staying away from “fad diet plans” (food plans that completely restrict certain food groups) because they deny the body crucial nutrients it needs to stay healthy or function optimally.

According to a publication in Calcified Tissue International, restricting yourself completely from dairy products may reduce your calcium intake, a crucial mineral for bone health.

final-sec verdictConclusion

Obesity or overweight is already a global challenge that has been linked to extensive and severe health problems.

From cardiovascular to mood-related disorders, obesity has gone beyond being a weight loss problem to a chronic and relapsing health condition that can result in worrying health consequences.

Weight management programs are designed to empower people to make necessary and positive lifestyle changes through prescription medications, tech, and or coaching. The program aims to help participants achieve the best weight loss and sustainability.

Now that you have a clear picture of what a weight loss program is and how it works, it is time to consider incorporating it into your daily healthy routine to help you in your weight loss journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to Know a Weight Loss Program is Right for You?
A. There are plenty of weight loss programs each one works differently. According to health and fitness experts, the best weight loss program for you is that which makes you feel you can stick with and work for your personal health history and lifestyle.
For this reason, it is important to talk with a registered dietitian or your health provider because their input will help you find a weight loss program that matches your needs.
Also, according to experts, the most successful weight loss programs are those that require you to engage in at least 150 minutes every week of moderate-intensity exercise like brisk walking.
However, no matter what program you and your health provider settle on, it is the little lifestyle changes that will count as far as long-term weight management I concerned.
Increasing fruit and vegetable intake, for instance, will help you stay physically active while limiting your intake of processed foods will have a positive cumulative effect on your body composition.
Q. What Weight Loss Program Do Experts Recommend?
A. Fitness and health experts suggest having a weight loss program with weekly online lessons plus a plan that will help you track your progress. The programs should also offer feedback on the results regularly while it provides social support.

Q. How Do I Enroll in an Online Weight Loss Program?
A. Enrolling in an online weight loss program does not mean jumping to a program blindly. You should first read through the program to understand what the requirements are and how it works. after that, you can begin filling your fridge with the recommended foods or meal options and getting rid of unhealthy snacks and foods from your pantry.

Q. Does Insurance Cover a Weight Loss Program?
A. Whether or not insurance covers a weight loss program depends on your insurance coverage. However, since it is rare to find the best online weight loss program with zero charges, some insurance companies have partially or entirely decided to include weight loss programs as part of their coverage. However, most people who opt for a weight loss program usually pay from their pocket.


BodybuildingReviews avoids using tertiary references. We have strict sourcing guidelines and rely on peer-reviewed studies, academic researches from medical associations and institutions. To ensure the accuracy of articles in BodybuildingReviews, you can read more about the editorial process here.

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Erin Pereira, PT, DPT

Erin Pereira, PT, DPT, is a physical therapist and athletic trainer at Athletico Physical Therapy in the western suburbs of Chicago.

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