1st Phorm

1st Phorm asserts that they can aid you in attaining your health and fitness objectives by furnishing supplements composed of scientifically backed ingredients.

1st Phorm – The Basis of Optimal Nutrition for High Performance

1st Phorm is a company that specializes in producing and selling nutritional supplements and fitness products. The flavors are delicious, they mix really well and they really do work.

The company offers vide range of supplements that are designed to support various health and fitness goals.

The company prime focus is to use scientifically researched ingredients in its products and aims to provide customers with high-quality options to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

What Sets 1st Phorm Apart?

1st Phorm is committed to developing the highest quality supplements through rigorous research and testing. They employ a team of scientists and doctors to carefully curate only the purest, most effective ingredients without unnecessary fillers or additives.

1st Phorm also supports athletes and fitness through sponsorships and education. Their supplements are manufactured in-house to ensure potency and purity from start to finish.

This dedication to scientific excellence is what truly sets 1st Phorm apart.

How Do 1st-Phorm Products Work?

1st Phorm works by providing you with the needed energy to work out. Lose weight and feel better overall. It does this by using high-quality ingredients that are chosen based on their specific benefits.

Each ingredient has been tested and researched to ensure that they are backed by scientific research.

These products are not designed to work on their own but to work in combination with the users specific goals from weight loss to bulking.

Key Science-Backed Ingredients in 1st Phorm

Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate

whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, both processed at low temperatures. Cold processing eliminates unwanted sugars, fats, and impurities, resulting in higher protein content per serving. Cold-processed whey protein surpasses other processing methods in protein concentration while also containing more calcium and less sodium.


This carbohydrate undergoes thorough processing, originating as a white powder from rice, corn, wheat, or potato starch. Maltodextrin undergoes cooking and further breakdown with acids or enzymes, yielding a water-soluble, neutral-tasting white powder.

Creamer Powder

A fusion of Dalm Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Sodium, Palm Oil, Corn Syrup Solids, Sodium Caseinate, Mono and diglycerides, Sodium Silico Aluminate, and BHT forms the Creamer Powder. This combination serves to preserve flavor and maintain texture.

Soy Lecithin

As a food additive, Soy Lecithin functions as an emulsifier and lubricant in food. It also boasts roles as an antioxidant and flavor protector.

Modified Food Starch Modified starch

Modified Food Starch Modified starch, or starch derivatives, result from physical, enzymatic, or chemical treatment of native starch. This modification enhances starch properties, making it useful as a thickener, stabilizer, or emulsifier in various food applications.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum emerges from the fermentation of simple sugars with specific bacteria. Xanthan Gum occasionally utilized in medicine, diabetes, constipation, and dry eye treatments. In the manufacturing sector, it serves as a thickening and stabilizing agent in foods, toothpaste, and medicines.

Cellulose Gum

Carboxymethyl cellulose, or Cellulose Gum, is a cellulose derivative wherein carboxymethyl groups link with hydroxyl groups of cellulose’s glucopyranose monomers. Often utilized as its sodium salt, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, it functions as a stabilizer and thickener.

Acesulfame Potassium

Acesulfame Potassium, also known as Ace-K, is an artificial sweetener. While artificial sweeteners raise health concerns, some can help reduce sugar consumption and offer certain health benefits.

We approve of these ingredients because they are backed by science.

1st Phorm Best Rated Products

  • Opti-Greens 50: Opti-Greens 50 represents a greens powder that promotes immune support.* Each Opti-Greens 50 serving contains a rich compilation of 50 carefully selected, gluten-free, alkalizing elements, aiming to reinforce a resilient immune system.
  • Post Workout Stack: The Post Workout Stack combines fast-absorbing Phormula-1 protein and glycogen-restoring Ignition to rapidly recover muscles after intense workouts, reducing soreness and enhancing gains.
  • Micro Factor: Micro Factor consolidates six distinct products into a single, user-friendly packet, providing your body with essential elements to bolster the immune system and maintain optimal functionality.
  • Phormula -1: Phormula-1 is a fast-absorbing protein designed to rapidly restore muscles after workouts through optimal recovery and tissue growth, enhancing gains when used before and after exercise.
  • 1st Phorm App: The app helps you keep track of your macros, daily workouts, daily live streams, and a community that focuses on helping you reach your goal.

Benefits of Choosing 1st Phorm Products

Here are some potential benefits of choosing 1st Phorm products:

  • Increases muscle mass
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Helps you to lose weight
  • Many products to choose from

Drawbacks of 1st Phorm

Here are some potential drawbacks of 1st Phorm products:

  • Results vary based on the individual
  • Only available online

1st Phorm Aim

1st Phorm’s mission empowers athletes to pursue their peak performance goals through high-quality nutrition supplements. 1st Phorm helps users transform a vision into reality through determination, courage in the face of challenges, and daily commitment to progress despite obstacles – enabling athletes to Never Settle and achieve their best.

Why We Love 1st Phorm?

1st Phorm creates premium supplements using only the purest ingredients for optimal results and performance.

1st Phorm Customer Reviews

“Impressive Results! 1st Phorm’s supplements have transformed my fitness journey. The Phormula-1 protein is a game-changer for my recovery, and the Ignition pre-workout gives me the energy boost I need. The variety of products caters to my goals perfectly. Highly recommend!” – Don Samson

“Top-Notch Quality! I’ve been using 1st Phorm supplements for a while now, and I’m blown away by the quality. The Micro Factor pack is a convenient way to cover my nutritional bases. The attention to scientific research in their formulations is evident. My performance and overall well-being have never been better.” – Eugene Benter

“Mixed Results. Tried a couple of 1st Phorm products. The Phormula-1 protein was effective, but some of the ingredients in other supplements didn’t agree with me. It’s hit or miss, so make sure to read labels and consult with a professional if you have sensitivities.” – Janice Sweets

“Decent, but Pricey. I appreciate the innovation behind 1st Phorm products, but the cost can add up quickly. The taste of some supplements was great, while others were just okay. Results were noticeable, but there might be more budget-friendly options out there.” – George Harris

There are very few one or two-star reviews, and they basically say the product didn’t work for them or it tastes bad.


Q. What Is 1st Phorm?

A. 1st Phorm is a company specializing in nutritional supplements and fitness products designed to support various health and fitness goals.

Q. Who owns 1st Phorm?

A. CEO and founder Andy Frisella owns 1st Phorm.

Q. Where to buy 1st Phorm?

A. 1st Phorm allows customers to purchase supplements directly from their website, 1stphorm.com.

Q. What is 1st Phorm return policy?

A. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Q. Is 1st Phorm a good company?

A. 1st Phorm effectively develops supplements using transparent ingredients that research supports to help athletes achieve their performance and fitness goals, demonstrating its commitment to producing effective products.

Q. What does 1st Phorm do?

A. 1st Phorm develops effective sports nutrition supplements.

Q. Where 1st Phorm Based?

A. The 1st Phorm headquarters is located at 2091 Fenton Logistics Park, Fenton, MO 63026. For customer support, you can reach them via email at [email protected] or by phone at 800-409-9732.

Q. Is 1st Phorm FDA approved?

A. Yes, 1st Phorm’s products are FDA approved as they are manufactured in an FDA certified facility that actively meets the highest food safety standards.

Q. Are 1st Phorm supplements safe?

A. 1st Phorm manufactures their supplements in SQF Level-3 certified facilities, providing detailed formulations without unnecessary artificial ingredients that can be safely consumed.

Q. What makes 1st Phorm different?

A. 1st Phorm uses a unique low-temperature processing method for its proteins that enhances bioavailability and prevents digestive issues unlike many other proteins.

Q. How much caffeine is in 1st Phorm?

A. 1st Phorm Energy contains 200mg of natural caffeine from green tea per bottle.