DMoose Foam Roller For Back & Yoga Exercises

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  • Ease soreness from home conveniently
  • Benefits exercisers, athletes and more
  • Mimics massage for self-care
  • Enables self-myofascial release
  • Built to withstand regular therapeutic use

Relieve sore muscles fast with the DMoose Foam Roller. Its dense foam construction kneads out knots and tension in tired muscles, whether after workouts or work days. Portable and easy to use, this roller provides myofascial release on your schedule for improved flexibility, mobility and comfort.

Manufacturer: DMoose Fitness
Category: Fitness Accessories

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Pros & Cons

What We Like …

  • Provides do-it-yourself massage for relief
  • Enhances recovery and performance
  • Sturdy foam maintains shape with use
  • Adapts to various self-myofascial needs
  • 13 and 18 inches foam roller portable for therapy on the go
  • Easy for all skill levels to benefit

What Needs Improvement …

  • For some users, it may not apply enough deep pressure into the tissues.

Product Summary

Relieve muscle tension and boost flexibility with targeted foam roller exercises using the DMoose High Density Foam Roller. Its textured surface mimics a therapist’s touch to knead out knots in the comfort of your home. Use it after yoga, Pilates or full-body workouts to enhance recovery.

The dual-zone design targets back muscles while its durable hollow core maintains shape. Lightweight and portable, this versatile tool enables convenient self-myofascial release exercises anywhere. Improve mobility, balance and relieve pain through a variety of foam rolling techniques suitable for all skill levels.


Material Type High-density EVA foam
Sizes 13 & 18 inches
Made In USA
Item Weight ‎0.50 pounds
Color Black
Department Unisex-Adult
Sport Type Back and Yoga Exercise

Asked A Questions

Q. Does foam rolling work?

A. While foam rolling provides myofascial release benefits for many, results can vary depending on the individual’s specific needs and how consistently the technique is incorporated into a well-rounded fitness routine.

Q. How to use foam roller?

A. The DMoose foam muscle roller can be used by positioning problem muscle areas on its textured surface and applying gentle pressure and rolling motions to massage knots and adhesions for relief of muscle tension and improved flexibility.

Q. How to use a foam roller for back?

A. To use the DMoose foam roller for lower back, lie face down with the roller positioned vertically along the spine and roll back and forth applying moderate pressure to massage tight muscles and relieve tension or pain in the lower back region.

Q. What does foam rolling do?

A. DMoose foam roller provides myofascial release benefits of foam rolling such as increased range of motion, flexibility and circulation. It also provides relief from muscle knots, adhesions and tension through its kneading compression of tight tissues.

Q. Is foam roller good for sciatica?

A. While using a foam roller like the DM\moose model to target tight muscles in the lower back and hips may help provide temporary relief for sciatica symptoms by improving flexibility and circulation in affected areas, it is best to consult a medical professional to address the underlying causes of sciatic nerve pain.

Q. How often should you foam roll?

A. While individual needs may vary, most experts recommend foam rolling with the DMoose roller 2-3 times per week, either before or after workouts to aid in recovery and flexibility maintenance or on rest days to reduce muscle tension and prevent soreness.

Q. Does foam roller stretch muscles?

A. By applying moderate pressure to areas of tension and rolling back and forth across tight muscle groups, the textured surface of the DMoose foam muscle roller provides myofascial release that can help be stretched and relax contracted muscles, increasing flexibility.

Q. Can a foam roller damage your back?

A. When performing foam roller exercises for back with the DMoose foam muscle roller, go slowly, avoid forcing pain, and always listen to your body to minimize risks, as improper use may potentially aggravate injuries, but many find relief of back tension and pain with regular safe practice.

About the Brand

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DMoose Enterprises Inc.

Founder: Mussayab Ehtesham

Dmoose is a leading fitness equipment supplier known for durable, high-quality foam rollers, weight lifting hooks, and other tools to enhance workouts and aid recovery.

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