Christine VanDoren. PT, CSN, NSCA, ACE PT, CSN, NSCA, ACE

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  • Missouri State University: Bachelor’s Degree, Business Administration & Management, General


  • Owner, Edge of Longevity, Certified Online Personal Trainer
  • Expert Contributor @ Strong Home Gym
  • Personal Trainer @ Justin Bauer Fitness

Licenses & Certifications

  • Certified Personal Training (NSCA Personal Training)
  • Certified Nutritionist (ACE Fitness Nutritionist)
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist


Christine is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a bachelor's degree in exercise science. Her passion lies in empowering clients to reach their health and fitness goals by making sustainable lifestyle changes. In her free time, Christine enjoys strength training, taking outdoor hikes, exploring her creative side through art projects, and finding ways to spread more positivity in the world. Her goal is to motivate others to be their best selves through dedication to personal growth and well-being.