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The Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces in 2024

Transform your fitness space with the best compact exercise gear! From bikes to treadmills, discover our top picks for efficient home workouts.

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Finding effective workout solutions in small living spaces can be a challenge. However, with the right equipment, it’s entirely possible to create a versatile and efficient home gym, even in limited areas. This article will guide you through selecting equipment that maximizes your workout potential without overwhelming your space.

The focus will be on space-saving, multi-functional gear and exercises that don’t require equipment, catering to various fitness goals from muscle building to general fitness. Whether you’re a beginner or looking for specific workouts like upper body workouts with no equipment, this guide is for you. It provides practical solutions and creative ideas to maintain your fitness regimen, no matter the size of your living space.

Stay tuned as we explore a range of options, from compact home gyms to at home workouts, ensuring that you can stay active and healthy in any setting.

Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

Best Portable Home Gym for Small Spaces:
MaxPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine

Best Bodyweight Suspension Training for Small Spaces:
TRX Home2 System

Best Resistance Bands for Small Spaces:
Dmoose Resistance Bands

Best Home Exercise App for Small Spaces:

Best Dumbbell Set for Small Spaces:
Dmoose Adjustable 90LBS Dumbbell

Our Top Picks

#1 MaxPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine

Key Feature

  • Key Feature: Compact and lightweight cable machine
  • Ideal For: Cable machine workouts
  • Dimensions: 10″L x 16″H x 4″W
  • Weight: Just 9 lbs.

What we love:

  • Lightweight and compact, making it perfect for travel
  • Offers considerable resistance up to 300 lbs
  • Versatility of a full-body workout machine in a small package

What to consider:

  • Higher price point for compact equipment
  • Accessories could use improvement
  • The companion app needs further enhancements

Why we chose MaxPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine:

MaxPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine stands out for its compact and lightweight design, offering up to 300 lbs of resistance. It is as portable as a fitness machine can get, literally fitting into a shoebox when folded, and is extremely easy to set up and use. The unit’s light weight of just 9 pounds makes it easy to carry around.


MacPRO versatility shines through its functionality, acting as a standalone training tool with just the cables, or becoming an even more robust exercise tool with the Elite package, which allows it to be mounted under a bench or a wall. The ‘smart’ aspect of this machine lies in its connection with an app featuring personal trainers who guide you through various workout routines, although the app could benefit from some improvements.

However, bear in mind that MaxPRO only supports concentric training, not eccentric. Moreover, it operates on battery power, so frequent users will need to keep it charged. Despite its few limitations, for its size and portability, the MaxPRO SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine is an impressive piece of equipment.

#2 TRX Home2 System

Key Features

  • Lightweight and portable design, perfect for travel or at-home workouts.
  • Versatile product with various exercises and adaptations to suit different fitness levels.
  • Sturdy and durable, capable of supporting up to 350 pounds.
  • Suitable for a wide range of users, including older individuals and those in rehabilitation.
  • Positive customer reviews, attesting to the effectiveness and versatility of the product.
  • All-in-one workout tool that can replace traditional weights and machines in certain exercises.

What we love:

  • Lightweight and highly portable, perfect for travelers
  • Versatile with a wide range of bodyweight exercises
  • Robust nylon straps with a weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Accessible across various fitness levels and ages

What to consider:

  • Not suitable for those who prefer traditional weights and cardio machines
  • Resistance-based workouts may not appeal to everyone
  • As it is a strap system, it lacks the element of weight-based workouts

Why We Chose TRX Home2 System:

TRX Home2 System is a versatile and portable fitness solution that allows users to perform a wide range of bodyweight exercises. With its durable straps and foam handles, it offers accessibility and effectiveness for various users, including older individuals and those in rehabilitation. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or don’t have access to a dedicated home gym, the TRX Home2 System can be your perfect workout companion.


TRX Home2 System is more than a workout tool—it’s an adaptable fitness solution. Its simple design and lightweight build make it perfect for those on the go. With the Home2 System, your gym is no longer a location but a pair of straps you can use anywhere. The system is simple yet versatile, accommodating various exercises and fitness levels. While it may not replace your local gym’s weights and machines, its portability and flexibility are unparalleled.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just enjoy working out in different locations, the Home2 System makes staying fit far more accessible. Its sturdy design and ability to support up to 350 pounds make it suitable for a wide range of users, including older individuals and those in rehabilitation. Don’t just take our word for it; the Home2 System has received rave reviews from satisfied customers who praise its effectiveness and versatility.

So why not give it a try and see the results for yourself? Invest in your fitness journey with TRX Home2 System. Overall, it is a reliable and convenient option for those looking for an all-in-one workout tool that can be used anytime, anywhere. So why wait? Join the TRX community today and experience the benefits of this versatile fitness system. Remember, your gym is wherever you are, as long as you have your TRX Home2 System with you.

#3 Dmoose Resistance Bands

Key Features

  • Weight Range: 5lbs to 200lbs
  • Material: Natural latex
  • Length: 41’’ with a circumference of 81.9’’
  • Width: 0.5’’ to 3.2’’

What we love:

  • Durable construction using natural latex
  • Variety of resistance ranges from 5lbs to 175lbs
  • Easy to transport and ideal for travel
  • Color-coded design for easy identification of each band’s resistance level

What to consider:

  • Loop-style bands do not include handles
  • Sets do not include mini bands; each band is 41 inches long

Why We Chose Dmoose Resistance Bands:

Dmoose Resistance Bands are a fantastic solution for those who want to maintain a fitness regimen on the go or in spaces that can’t accommodate a full gym setup. The bands are lauded for their strength and versatility, accommodating a variety of exercises from basic stretches to intensive strength workouts.


Dmoose offers these bands either individually or in sets of four or six. Each band’s resistance level is conveniently color-coded, saving users the hassle of testing each band before finding the right resistance. In reviews, users praise the bands’ versatility and durability – the lighter bands work excellently for warming up or focusing on the upper body, while the heavier bands are great for exercises like pull-ups and hip warm-ups.

Dmoose Resistance Bands also lend themselves well to intensifying traditional workouts. When paired with equipment, they can boost the intensity of exercises such as bicep curls, overhead extensions, barbell squats, and bench presses. Simply loop the bands around a bar or band peg and start lifting.

Despite the lack of handles and the uniform 41-inch length of the bands, the Dmoose Resistance Bands make up for these with their resistance range, durability, and compact design. They provide a budget-friendly, versatile, and effective way to keep fit, making them a strong contender in the fitness equipment market.

#4 Noom

Key Specifications

  • Pricing: Varies depending on plan length, starting at $17
  • Trial period: 7 days
  • Diet types supported: All types
  • Access to Professionals: Yes, health coaches are available
  • Custom meal plans: Yes (charged separately)
  • Available on: iOS and Android

What we love:

  • Affordability: Available at less than $400, Noom provides a cost-effective solution for those keen on establishing healthier habits.
  • Compact and User-friendly Interface: The Noom app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, is designed to be readily accessible, bringing wellness plans to the palm of your hand.
  • Psychology-first Approach: Noom boasts a unique methodology that employs psychological insights to help users understand and tackle the root causes of their weight gain.
  • A Comprehensive Support System: Noom offers virtual coaching support to assist users in their fitness journey, providing individualized insights and motivation.

What to consider:

  • Limited Nutritional Guidance: Noom might not be the best fit for those seeking detailed dietary advice. Its focus primarily lies in promoting better overall habits rather than providing specific meal plans.
  • Not optimal for all: Individuals with a history of eating disorders or those desirous of a more structured plan might find Noom’s approach challenging to adapt to.
  • Pricing: While Noom provides value, its month-to-month plan can be expensive compared to other weight loss apps and programs.

Why we chose Noom:


Noom’s approach to weight loss focuses on the mental aspect, offering lessons to help break unhealthy habits that contribute to weight gain. It’s not just an app, but a comprehensive wellness platform that categorizes food into different color groups (orange, yellow, and green) based on their nutritional value. After a detailed questionnaire, Noom tailors a weight loss timeline, providing a personalized strategy for each user.

However, it’s essential to note that Noom might not be suitable for everyone. Its approach can be confusing for those expecting a straightforward dietary regimen. Despite its psychological focus, weight loss remains the central goal rather than holistic wellness.

If you appreciate a psychology-first approach and are trying to establish new healthy habits, Noom could be a valuable investment. It can provide a supportive virtual coaching landscape to guide you on your fitness journey. However, for those who prefer a specific meal plan or have a history of eating disorders, Noom might not be the best choice.

While subscriptions start at around $70 per month to annually $209, the price can go up with decreasing commitment duration. Hence, this platform can be more expensive than many weight loss apps and programs, but it could be a beneficial investment for the right person.

#5 Dmoose Adjustable 90LBS Dumbbell

Product Highlights

  • Wide Weight Range: Switch between 4 to 90 lbs, catering to all your workout needs.
  • One-Hand Quick Adjustment: Simply turn the adjustment handle to alter the weight to your preference, swiftly and effortlessly.
  • Non-Slip Handle Grip: Designed with a silicone rubber sleeve for enhanced grip and stability during workouts.
  • Compact Design: This space-saving design cuts down on clutter, freeing up 80% of your typical storage space.

What we love:

  • Versatility: The wide range of weights supports an array of exercises, from light toning to heavy strength building.
  • Safety Locking Mechanism: The patented double safety lock system adds an extra layer of security during your training.
  • Easy Storage: The compact design and organizing tray make storage a breeze while protecting your floor from damage.

What to consider:

  • Premium Quality Materials: Composed of high-grade Steel, Nylon, ABS, and PP, these dumbbells promise durability and resistance to wear and tear with repeated use.

Why the DMOOSE Adjustable Dumbbell Set Stands Out:

The DMOOSE Adjustable Dumbbell set provides a flexible, high-quality fitness solution. With 16 weight settings packed into one unit, they’re perfect for a range of exercises, from light toning to heavy lifting. The built-in safety lock ensures a secure workout, while the compact design saves valuable storage space. With its high-quality materials, the DMOOSE Adjustable Dumbbell Set promises durability, giving you a reliable fitness tool that stands the test of time.


DMOOSE 90 lbs. Adjustable Dumbbell Set is your go-to fitness tool designed to adapt to your dynamic strength training requirements. This meticulously crafted set merges practicality with longevity, offering a broad weight spectrum ranging from 4 to 90 lbs., all encapsulated in a single sleek design. Whether your goal is muscle toning, strength building, or endurance enhancement, this adjustable dumbbell set delivers the versatility and convenience for an all-encompassing workout.

Featuring a fully integrated design, this set replaces the need for 16 separate weight sets, with precise increments ranging from 4 lbs. (2 kg) to 90 lbs. (40 kg), thus providing an authentic professional training experience. Its unique patent double safety lock system, implemented on both the tray and weight plates, guarantees that weight adjustments can only be made when the dumbbells are on the tray, thereby ensuring a risk-free training experience.

Experience quick weight adjustment with a simple twist—find your ideal weight in seconds using just one hand, in both directions. The handle, encased in a silicone rubber sleeve, enhances grip and stability, allowing you to focus on your workouts. The DMOOSE Adjustable Dumbbell Set is efficient, compact, and saves 80% storage space while eliminating clutter. Its high-quality organizing tray keeps dumbbells neat and easy to store while protecting your floor. Made of superior materials, these dumbbells are resilient, odor-free, rust-resistant, and built to last.

How We Choose the Best Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces

When outfitting a small space for workouts, not just any equipment will do. The selection process must be thoughtful and strategic, focusing on several key criteria to ensure you maximize your limited space. Here’s what to look for:

Size and Space Efficiency:

The most crucial factor is the size of the equipment. Ideally, it should be compact or easily storable. Foldable designs or items tucked away in a closet are ideal. Think about equipment like compact home gyms or adjustable dumbbells.


Versatility is paramount in small spaces. Equipment that serves multiple functions can replace the need for several different pieces. For instance, adjustable benches or resistance bands can be used for various workouts, from bicep workouts at home to full-body workouts with no equipment routines.

Storage Options:

Equipment with easy storage solutions helps maintain a clutter-free space. Look for items that can be hung on walls or stored in small areas. This is especially important for items like yoga mats or foam rollers used in at-home workouts.


Budget is always a consideration. Affordable options like jump ropes or cheap workout equipment for home can be surprisingly effective without a hefty investment.


For those new to fitness, the best home exercise equipment for beginners should be simple, non-intimidating, and easy to use. This encourages regular use and helps in building a consistent workout habit.

What to Look for When Choosing Best Exercise Equipment for Your Small Space

Selecting the right exercise equipment for a small living area requires careful consideration of several key features. These features not only ensure the equipment fits your space but also guarantee a variety of effective workouts. Here are the essential aspects to consider:

Equipment Size:
First and foremost, the equipment size should be suitable for your space. Look for compact home gym options or items like foldable exercise bikes and collapsible elliptical trainers that make the most of your available area.

Adaptability for Various Workouts:
Choose equipment that supports a range of exercises. Multi-purpose tools like adjustable dumbbells or resistance bands are excellent for full body workout no equipment routines, bicep workouts at home, and chest workouts.

Ease of Storage:
Storage is a critical aspect in small spaces. Equipment that can be easily dismantled, folded, or hung on the wall, such as door-mounted pull-up bars or wall-mounted resistance systems, is ideal for maintaining a tidy area.

Effectiveness for Different Workout Types:
Consider the effectiveness of the equipment for various workout types, including at-home ab workouts, home chest workout, and at-home arm workouts. The goal is to have versatile equipment for strength training and cardiovascular exercises.

Durability and Quality:
Invest in equipment that is durable and of good quality. This ensures longevity, safety, and a better overall workout experience. Regardless of size or price, quality should not be compromised.

Compact and Versatile Equipment Options

When optimizing a small workout area, the goal is to select equipment that offers maximum functionality while occupying minimal space. Here, we explore some of the most space-efficient and versatile options that can cater to a wide range of workouts:

Resistance Bands:
Resistance bands are a powerhouse of versatility and one of the best workout equipment for home. They are lightweight, easy to store, and can be used for a variety of exercises.They’re perfect for strength training improving flexibility, and can be a great addition to at home workout equipment for women, offering varying resistance levels.

Adjustable Dumbbells:
For those looking to incorporate weight training into their routine, adjustable dumbbells are a must-have. They replace the need for multiple sets of weights, saving a significant amount of space. This is ideal for at home arm workouts and bicep workouts at home. Since it can be adjusted for different strength levels, that makes them suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.

Yoga Mats:
A yoga mat is an essential item for anyone looking to do floor exercises, yoga, or pilates. They are easy to roll up and store away when not in use, making them an excellent choice for small spaces. Besides yoga, they are perfect for at home ab workouts, at home no equipment workout sessions, and stretching routines.

Foldable Exercise Equipment:
Some larger equipment like exercise bikes or rowing machines come in foldable designs. These are great for cardiovascular workouts and can be easily stored in a closet, making them practical options for a compact home gym.

Doorway Pull-Up Bars:
Doorway pull-up bars are a great way to utilize the vertical space in your home. They are perfect for upper body workout no equipment routines and can be easily set up and removed as needed.

How To Achieve Full-Body Workouts in Limited Space

The key to a well-rounded fitness routine in smaller living spaces is knowing how to execute full-body workouts with limited or no equipment. This approach maximizes the use of space while delivering comprehensive fitness benefits.

Bodyweight Exercises:

One of the simplest methods is to rely on bodyweight exercises. Movements like push-ups, squats, lunges, and burpees engage multiple muscle groups and can be performed in a small area. They are ideal for full-body workouts at home without equipment routines.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

HIIT workouts are perfect for small spaces as they typically involve short bursts of high-energy exercises followed by rest periods. They require minimal room and no equipment, making them suitable for a workout at home without equipment, targeting both strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Yoga and Pilates:

For a more low-impact approach, yoga and pilates offer full-body workouts focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance. With a yoga mat, you can perform various exercises beneficial for the entire body.

Use of Small Equipment:

Small pieces of equipment like resistance bands or a stability ball can enhance your workout significantly. They add resistance and variety to your routines, perfect for full body workouts and no-equipment sessions with an added challenge.

Online Fitness Programs:

Numerous online resources are offering structured full-body workout programs. These can be particularly helpful for beginners looking for guidance or those who prefer a more structured workout plan, like a 7-day workout plan with no equipment.

Affordable Fitness Solutions for Small Areas

Exercising in a small space doesn’t have to be expensive. Numerous affordable and space-saving tools can help you maintain an effective fitness routine without breaking the bank. Here, we highlight some of these cost-effective solutions:

Jump Ropes:

A jump rope is a classic, budget-friendly tool for cardiovascular fitness. It’s small, easy to store, and provides an excellent workout for heart health and stamina. Jump ropes are perfect for those seeking a high-intensity workout in a confined space.

Resistance Bands:

Resistance bands are not only space-efficient but also highly affordable. They offer various resistance levels, making them suitable for strength training, stretching, and rehabilitation exercises.

Hand Weights:

Compact hand weights or dumbbells are inexpensive and can be used for various exercises. They’re great for enhancing strength training routines, especially for at-home arm workouts and at-home chest workouts.

Yoga Mats:

Yoga mats are another affordable option that can be used for more than just yoga. They provide a comfortable surface for floor exercises, stretching, and bodyweight workouts like at-home ab workouts and full-body workouts with no equipment routines.

Stability Balls:

Stability balls offer a range of exercise possibilities, from core workouts to balance training, and are generally inexpensive. They can also double as a seat to improve posture.

final-sec verdictConclusion

In summary, the journey to fitness within the confines of a small space is not only possible but can be highly effective with the right approach. The importance of choosing the right equipment cannot be overstated. Space-efficient, versatile, and cost-effective tools like resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, and yoga mats play a pivotal role in maximizing the potential of limited areas. They ensure your workouts remain dynamic, adaptable, and comprehensive.

Equally crucial is the development of a consistent exercise routine. By setting realistic goals, planning your workouts, and utilizing the space and resources you have wisely, you can maintain regular physical activity. Incorporating various workout styles, from strength training to high-intensity intervals and flexibility exercises, keeps your fitness journey interesting and balanced.

Remember, the size of your workout space doesn’t determine the effectiveness of your fitness routine. With creativity, commitment, and the appropriate equipment, you can achieve and sustain your health and fitness goals, regardless of the space constraints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What Is The Best All-In-One Home Gym For Small Spaces?
A. An adjustable resistance trainer or a compact multi-gym is ideal, as they offer a range of space-efficient exercise options.

Q. What Basic Equipment Might You Need To Start Exercising?
A. A yoga mat, resistance bands, a jump rope, stability balls, and hand weights are essential for starting a versatile home workout routine.

Q. What Are Three Things You Should Do Before You Buy Exercise Equipment?
A. Measure your space, clearly define your fitness goals, and research to compare different equipment options and prices.

Q. How Can You Maximize a Small Workout Space?
A. Choose multi-functional and foldable equipment, use vertical space for storage, and maintain an organized area for efficient workouts.

Q. What is the most used home exercise equipment?
A. The most commonly used home exercise equipment includes yoga mats, resistance bands, and dumbbells due to their versatility and ease of storage.

Q. What exercise equipment takes up no space?
A. Resistance bands, jump ropes, and yoga mats take up virtually no space. They can easily be stored in drawers or closets when not in use.

Q. What is the best workout for small spaces?
A. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), bodyweight exercises (like push-ups and squats), and yoga or pilates are the best workouts for small spaces as they require minimal room and equipment.

Q. What is the best exercise equipment for a small space?
A. Compact, multi-functional equipment like adjustable dumbbells, foldable exercise mats, and resistance bands are ideal for small spaces, offering a variety of workout options without requiring much room.

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