1MD Nutrition™

1MD Nutrition creates supplements focusing on digestive wellness, joint function, cardiovascular support and immunity – formulated under doctor supervision to provide impactful yet safe results.

1md Nutrition™ : A Brand with Physician-Formulated Supplements

1MD is a physician-formulated health and nutrition company that produces a wide range of health supplements. All of their products are of excellent quality.

The brand is one of the most reputable manufacturers of probiotic supplements. 1 MD uses only high-quality, all-natural, scientifically backed ingredients.

What Sets 1MD Nutrition™ Apart?

1MD Nutrition stands out from other supplement companies because their products are formulated by a team of top medical doctors to provide the highest quality, most effective ingredients. They focus on conditions commonly associated with aging such as digestive health, joint function, heart support, and immunity.

1MD Nutrition believes in actively optimizing health through supplementation, providing customers with ongoing research, nutrition, and fitness resources, guided by doctor-backed principles. This commitment to science-based solutions sets them apart in promoting a whole-body approach to wellness.

How Does 1MD Nutrition™ Work?

The 1MD supplement line encompasses a variety of products, each formulated with unique ingredients to offer distinct health benefits. Many of these supplements are rich in antioxidants, effectively combatting harmful free radicals and reducing oxidative stress.

This not only facilitates the body’s natural healing processes but also bolsters the immune system and enhances the well-being of vital organs such as the heart.

Furthermore, a significant portion of these supplements boasts anti-inflammatory properties, making them valuable in alleviating joint discomfort and reducing swelling. An article published in Mediators of Inflammation delves into the role of inflammatory agents in the development of conditions like osteoarthritis.

Moreover, these supplements incorporate hydrating components that help alleviate joint stiffness, restoring flexibility and mobility. Additionally, natural ingredients within the formulations aid in repairing joint and cartilage deterioration.

Several of these supplements also feature probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics, fostering a healthy gut microbiome and promoting regular bowel movements.

They prove beneficial in alleviating discomforts such as gas and bloating. A clinical perspective on the significance of optimal probiotics in human health was discussed in a review published in BMJ Journals.

Ingredients In 1MD Backed by Clinical Research


Extracted from turmeric, this curcuminoid possesses robust anti-inflammatory attributes, effectively reducing joint pain and inflammation. Additionally, it serves as a potent antioxidant, aiding in joint repair and enhancing immune system function.

A study featured in BMJ Journal established that curcumin extract is beneficial in mitigating osteoarthritis-related pain.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus:

A well-recognized probiotic inhabiting the intestinal lining, this microorganism converts carbohydrates into lactic acid, contributing to the elimination of harmful bacteria and the promotion of a healthy gut microbiome.

An article in FEMS Microbiology Letters delved into the life cycle and characteristics of this probiotic strain.

Boswellia Serrata:

An ayurvedic herb derived from a tree indigenous to Africa and India, Boswellia Serrata boasts potent anti-inflammatory properties. It effectively alleviates pain in joints, muscles, and connective tissues, while its rich antioxidant content supports healing and repair.

The Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science explored the remarkable anti-inflammatory attributes of this botanical in a published article.

Best Selleing Products by 1MD Nutrition™

  • Gut MD: Gut MD is a gut formula combining L-glutamine, an amino acid that promotes the health and function of the digestive tract.
  • Move MD: This powerful joint health supplement stops everyday aches and pains from slowing you down. It contains powerful antioxidants, advanced collagen, and hyaluronic acid for joint pain relief.
  • Glucose MD: This supplement contains 7 ingredients designed to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and support normal glucose uptake. It’s 100% vegan.
  • Immunity MD: This supplement combines two doctor-selected pro-biotic strains with a potent dosage of L-lysine and zinc to support immune response, promote lip, skin, and oral health, and aid in calmness.

Benefits of Choosing 1MD Nutrition™

Here are some original points about benefits of 1MD Nutrition™ products:

  • Highly effective formulations
  • No questionable added ingredients
  • It is relatively affordable, given the potency
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Ingredients effectively dosed.

Drawbacks of 1MD Nutrition™

Here are some original points about drawbacks of 1MD Nutrition™ products:

  • Proprietary supplements don’t appear to be clinically tested
  • The brand doesn’t publish third-party test results of supplements.

1MD Nutrition™ Mission

1MD Nutrition’s mission actively works to help people live longer, healthier lives through applying advanced science and nature.

They are dedicated to empowering customers to regain vitality by providing innovative supplements and the latest research, nutrition and fitness information so each person can live a stronger, healthier life.

Why We Love 1MD Nutrition™?

We love 1MD Nutrition for their doctor-formulated supplements focusing on digestion, joints, heart and immunity to support overall wellness.

What Do The Reviews Say

On Amazon, 1MD supplements have thousands of reviews, and we believe this gives you a better idea of how their products work than reviews from official website.

Gut MD has over 1200 ratings with 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

A 4-star rating from Rogers says

“Repairing my gut, and goes on to say, I’ve been taking these every morning an hour before meals. I haven’t had any issues, like stomach upset or nausea. I’ve also noticed better gut control in the bath room and also less blotting and a thinner lower gut. I know many other variables control these out comes but I’ve pleased with this product and would recommend if interested in helping to rebuild your gut.”

A 3-star review from Homespring Art states

“These did nothing for my pain.”


Q. What are the instructions for the use of 1MD products?

A. There are many different types of supplements, and the dosage instructions are on the bottle. It’s important to read the instructions before taking them.

Q. Where can I buy 1MD?

A. You can buy 1MD from the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, and Walmart.

Q. What is the 1MD money back guarantee?

A. 1MD has a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your product, you simply call them, and they will walk you through the return process.

Q. Where is 1MD nutrition located?

A. The headquarter is at Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-3470. Customer service email address is [email protected] & contact number is +1 888 393-4030.

Q. Does 1MD have any side effects?

A. There are no reported side effects associated with 1MD products.

Q. Is 1MD legitimate?

A. Yes, there is no doubt that their products are legitimate. They have a great reputation on the market for producing doctor-developed supplements that support health and wellness. They have a lot of reviews on the internet that also support the legitimacy of their products.

Q. Who owns 1MD nutrition?

A. 1MD Nutrition is owned by co-founders Brian Greenberg and Dr. Adam Kreitenberg, who created the brand along with Ziv Haklili and Ben Flohr to develop clinically-dosed supplements informed by doctors and clinical research.