Brutal Force

Brutal Force is a brand of all-natural, legal, safe steroid and SARM alternatives which promote great gains in muscle development, performance, recovery, and sexual function.

Brutal Force: 100% Legal Steroids and Sarms Alternatives

Brutal Force is a superior bodybuilding brand which has a maximum potency line of 100% all-natural, legal steroid and SARM alternatives. While they provide the same benefits, they are completely safe and free of any of the side effects or risks.

The Brutal Force line offers:

  • Massive gains in muscle development and strength.
  • Athletic performance.
  • Thermogenic fat burning and weight loss.
  • Heighten sexual libido and stamina.
  • Promote harder erections.
  • Improved sexual function.
  • Reduce gynecomastia.

What Sets Brutal Force’s Apart?

Brutal Force stands out from other sports supplement companies through its specialized focus on strength athletes and powerlifters. Their formulas are tailored to the needs of serious strength trainees seeking maximum muscle and power development.

Brutal Force prides itself on using only the highest quality, clinically-dosed ingredients proven to drive strength and backed by research.

Through innovative new products and a passion for empowering personal bests, Brutal Force delivers targeted solutions that give strength athletes the brutal edge to shatter records.

About the Brand

The manufacturer of the Brutal Force brand is a UK-based company called Health Nutrition Limited. Founded in 1999 and located in Nottingham, England, they are a highly reputable manufacturer of health, fitness, and sports nutrition supplements.

How Does Brutal Force Work?

Brutal Force offers quite a few cutting, bulking, SARM alternatives, and bundles, but we can explore generally how the products function. Some have ingredients which balance hormones and increase levels of testosterone in the body.

This can result in massive gains in muscle size and strength, improve workout endurance, promote fat and weight loss, and boost sexual arousal and stamina.

A critical review of the literature published in The Sport Journal by Mr. P.J. Vanny1 and Dr. Jordan Moo examine the physiological and psychological impact of testosterone on sports performance.

Many formulas contain nitric oxide boosting ingredients which improve body circulation and vasodilation. This increases the transport of needed oxygen and nutrients to the muscles for added growth, strength, and repair.

A study on mice in Molecular Biology of the Cell by Judy E. Anderson concluded that nitric oxide may promote muscle repair in satellite cells.

As we explained in our Male Extra reviews, the additional flow of blood to the penis could help treat erectile dysfunction by promoting harder, stronger erections.

Cutting formulas often have stimulants which speed up the metabolism for powerful thermogenic fat burning and weight loss, better performance, and an energy boost. Other ingredients suppress appetite, or speed up the transfer of fatty acids to the cells for energy and weight loss.

An 8-week study published in the International Journal of Obesity by A. Belz, et al concluded that stimulating thermogenesis with bioactive food ingredients led to a moderate fat reduction.

Many of the formula also increase levels of brain neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and GABA, which can heighten mood, decrease stress, and enhance cognitive function.

Brutal Force supplements are high in anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants which soothe and repair muscles for faster recovery after a workout. The also help promote healing all over the body, and support a stronger immune system.

Brutal Force’s Ingredients

These are some of the primary active ingredients in Brutal Force products:


This tropical plant has high levels of the central nervous system stimulant caffeine. This increases energy levels, enhances performance, sharpens mental focus, and speeds up the metabolism for powerful thermogenic fat burning.

There’s also evidence that it elevates testosterone levels, which leads to greater muscle size and strength, improve athletic performance, and heightened sexual arousal and stamina.

An 8 week study on obese men and women in the International Journal of Obesity by CN. Boozer, et al concluded that a mix of guarana and Ma Huang led to short term fat and weight loss.

Acetyl L-Carnitine:

This is a form of the amino acid l-carnitine, which helps transfer fatty acids to the cells for energy and possible weight loss benefits. In addition, it elevates nitric oxide production for better circulation.

The blood flow to the muscles helps promote growth and strength by providing the oxygen and nutrients requires. The blood flow to the penis can help erectile dysfunction by promoting harder erections.

A review in Clinical Nutrition ESPEN by Nasir Talenezhad, et al concluded that supplementation with l-carnitine may promote modest fat, weight and BMI reduction, especially on overweight or obese adults.


This potent herb increases testosterone for gains in muscle building, athletic performance, sexual libido, and weight loss. It also elevates the synthesis of mood and cognitive enhancement brain chemicals like dopamine, GABA, and serotonin.

A systematic review and meta-analysis by Diego A. Bonilla, et al in the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology concluded that ashwagandha supplement has a positive effect on physical performance.

Best Cutting, Bulking, & Legal Steroids Products by Brutal Force

  • DBulk: This powerful bulking supplement is an all-natural, safe alternative to the steroid Dianabol which can significantly improve muscle size and strength, performance, and recovery. It helps promote fat and weight loss, enhances mood, decreases stress levels, and heightens sexual libido, stamina, and performance.
  • CCut: Brutal Force CCut is an organic alternative to the cutting steroid Clenbuterol, and it’s the only supplement in the line which is for women as well as men. It’s a potent fat burner supplement which can promote great weight loss while also enhancing athletic performance, building muscle size and strength, and speeding up recovery.
  • RadBulk: RadBulk is a legal alternative to the popular SARM Testolone RAD 140, free of any of the risk or potential side effects. It can naturally promote great gains in muscle building, performance, and recovery. In addition, it speeds up fat burning for weight loss and heighten s sexual libido, stamina, and erection strength.
  • GCut: Brutal Force GCut is an organic supplement which aims to promote fat burning and weight loss, in particular in the chest area to decrease gynecomastia. On addition, this product naturally balances the hormones for a number of performance and health benefits.

Benefits of Choosing Brutal Force

Here are some original points about potential pros of choosing Brutal Force products:

  • Build great gains in muscle bulk and strength.
  • Promote fat burning and weight loss.
  • Improve athletic performance.
  • Heal muscles and speed up recovery.
  • Boost sexual libido and stamina, and strengthen erections.

Drawbacks of Brutal Force

Here are some original points about potential cons of Brutal Force products:

  • You can’t purchase Brutal Force supplements in stores.
  • High demand could lead to low stock at times.
  • The results may vary for individual users.

Brutal Force Mission

Brutal Force actively pursues helping athletes maximize their strength and power through scientifically-dosed supplements. Their mission is to empower lifters to shatter strength barriers and achieve peak performance with research-backed formulas.

Why We Love Brutal Force?

We love Brutal Force for their focus on helping lifters break strength records with research-backed supplements optimized for power and muscle gains.

Brutal Force Reviews

Our overall rating of the Brutal Force brand is 4.6 out of 5 stars, as we think it offers a superior, maximum potency and safe line of legal steroid alternatives. As the supplements are for sale exclusively on the official site, that is where we read the vast majority of the reviews.

The 7214 users that have reviews on the manufacturer’s site give the brand a total rating of 5 out of 5 stars, and there is a 98% satisfaction rate. One of the top reviews is from Travis, who raves about his great performance enhancement:

“I SMASHED MY PB: Brutal Force got me past the wall. Within two weeks, I hit a 475 deadlift while sculpting my body.  I’ve tried similar products before, but nothing hits like Brutal Force.”

Another very positive review is from Andrew, who says the product is helping him meet his workout goals:

“Definitely recommend Brutal Force: I was trying to bulk, and with the help of Brutal Force I managed to reach my goals with ease. No more muscle pain after training, during training I can lift so much more and with the customer service I have all the information I need. Definitely recommend Brutal Force.”


Q. Are there products for women?

A. Most of the Brutal Force line is for men, but CCut is a cutting formula which is suitable for both men and women trying to burn fat, lost weight, and enhance performance. It’s a legal, safe alternative to the steroid Clenbuterol.

Q. What makes Brutal Force unique?

A. Made by a leading manufacturer of sports nutritional and legal steroid and SARM alternatives, Brutal Force is among the very top brands of natural steroid alternatives available on the market today in terms of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. The manufacturer has a 100-day money back guarantee on all of the Brutal Force supplements. If you’re not happy your results, contact customer service for instructions and then return the bottles within 100 days of the purchase. You’ll get a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

Q. Where is Crazy Nutrition based?

A. The headquarter is at Foxhall Lodge, Nottingham NG7 6LH, United Kingdom. Customer support email address is [email protected] & contact number is +1 (888) 270-3240.

Q. Where to Buy Brutal Force?

A. The only place that the Brutal Force supplements are for sale legitimately is on the manufacturer’s official site.

They offer FREE worldwide shipping on all orders, and there are frequent sales and promo codes. Individual products are $59.99, and stacks vary depending on what’s in the set. These are prices of some of the top sets:

  • Mass Stack (Bulking) – $179.99
  • Beast Stack (2 Cycle Stack) – $359.99
  • Sculpt Stack (Cutting) – $119.99
  • Select Stack (SARMS Bundle) – $119.99
  • Definition Stack (Cutting for Men) – $179.99