Nader Qudimat Natural Bodybuilding Specialist and Coach

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  • Self-taught in bodybuilding, fitness, and nutrition.


  • Founder and Principal Fitness Coach at FitFrek.
  • Transformed from a 100-pound teenager to a 200-pound natural bodybuilder.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Committed to continuous self-education in bodybuilding and fitness.


Nader Qudimat's fitness journey started with a personal mission to change his physique from a skinny 100-pound teenager to a strong and confident bodybuilder. This transformation was not just about physical change but also about gaining self-confidence and a deep understanding of bodybuilding and nutrition. The experience led to the creation of, a platform aimed at sharing this knowledge to help others navigate their fitness paths successfully. FitFrek stands out for its honest, direct approach and commitment to science-backed strategies, offering both guidance and inspiration to those looking to transform their bodies and minds. Nader's story is one of determination, extensive self-education, and the drive to empower others through fitness.