Transparent Labs LEAN Pre-Workout

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  • Choose from 9 tasty, naturally-flavored and stevia-sweetened options.
  • Delivers 14 grams of clinically-supported ingredients per serving.
  • Formulated to help you lose weight while preserving muscle mass.
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Transparent Labs LEAN Pre-Workout combines fat-burning ingredients like acetyl-L-carnitine and thyroid support minerals to target stubborn fat while preserving muscle mass. With 21 active ingredients per serving, LEAN delivers a powerful pre-workout experience designed to help you maximize your training sessions and burn calories.

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Pros & Cons of Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout

What We Like …

  • Includes vitamins and minerals to aid thyroid function, crucial for fat burning.
  • High citrulline malate improves muscle oxygenation for better workouts.
  • Avoids artificial sweeteners and colors for a pure experience.
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee

What Needs Improvement …

  • Few reports of incorrect items received
  • Some users report a bitter taste.

Product Summary

Forget bulky pre-workouts with confusing ingredients! Transparent Labs LEAN Pre-Workout offers a focused formula specifically designed for cutting. It combines key ingredients for targeted fat burning and muscle preservation:

  • Improved Performance: Delivers high doses of citrulline malate, beta-alanine, and betaine to enhance energy, strength, and endurance.
  • Fat Burning Support: Includes Acetyl L-Carnitine and Choline to help your body utilize stored fat for energy.
  • Reduced Fatigue: L-Theanine and a moderate dose of caffeine provide a smooth energy boost without the jitters.
  • Clean Formula: Transparent labeling and free of artificial sweeteners and colors.

LEAN Pre-Workout empowers you to push harder and achieve your weight loss goals with a precise, evidence-based formula.

Preseries Lean Pre-Workout Specs

Key Ingredients 180mg of L-Theanine, 1000mg of Acetyl L-Carnitine, 1,500mg of betaine anhydrous, 2grams of beta-alanine , 6grams of citrulline malate
Type Pre-workout
Serving Info 30
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Dose 1 scoop in 10 ounces of water 20-30 minutes before training
Flavors Tropical Punch, Peach Mango, Blue Raspberry & 6 More
Best For Focus, endurance, lean muscle mass and muscle
Item Form Powder

Asked A Questions for Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout

Q. Does Transparent Labs Lean have creatine?

A. While Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout offers a comprehensive formula for boosting performance, it actually doesn’t contain creatine. Their research suggests that caffeine in Lean negates the absorption of creatine when taken together. However, they offer a separate creatine supplement called StrengthSeries Creatine HMB if you want to add creatine to your routine.

Q. How to take Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout?

A. Start with half a scoop of Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout mixed with water 20-30 minutes before your workout, increasing to a full scoop if needed, but never exceeding two daily.

Q. Can women take Transparent Labs Lean?

A. Yes, Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout is safe for women, containing ingredients suitable for both genders to support their fitness goals.

Q. How much caffeine in Transparent Labs Lean ?

A. Transparent Labs Lean Pre-Workout packs a 200mg punch of natural caffeine for an energizing pre-workout boost.

Q. What’s the difference between Transparent Labs Bulk and Lean?

A. While both Transparent Labs BULK and LEAN support fitness goals, BULK focuses on muscle growth and strength, while LEAN prioritizes fat burning and muscle retention.

Q. Will Transparent Labs Lean break a fast?

A. Transparent Labs Lean may break your fast due to its calorie content from caffeine and other ingredients. Consult your doctor or a registered dietician for personalized fasting guidance.

Q. What does Transparent Labs Lean do?

A. Transparent Labs Lean combines science-backed ingredients to support muscle growth, endurance, focus, and recovery, helping you power through workouts and achieve your fitness goals.

About the Brand

Transparent Labs is committed to using authentic ingredients exclusively in their products.

Transparent Labs

CEO: Edward Ionescu.

Transparent Labs provides a range of pure, science-supported supplements, featuring a caffeine-free pre-workout for enhanced performance, natural grass-fed protein products, and vitamins promoting overall well-being without artificial additives.

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  1. Jehan Dunkrick

    Transparent Labs Lean pre-workout is pretty solid. It contains less caffeine Organic 180mg especially organic from green coffee beans than what I usually take, and surprisingly, that’s a good part of this product. It gives me a focus without making me feel jittery & improves my strength level.

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