Best Personal Training Apps in 2024 to Crush Your Fitness Goals

Skipping the gym? Working with an online personal trainer can be more affordable than traditional in-person training. We checked out the top online trainers, comparing their prices, services, and what they offer to help you find the perfect fit for your needs!

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Imagine having a personal coach on your phone to help you stay fit! That’s what a personal fitness coach app is all about. They’re like friendly guides, showing you exercises and workouts that fit your level. Whether you’re just starting or love working out, these best workout-tracking apps have something for everyone.

Embarking on a journey toward a healthier lifestyle can sometimes feel overwhelming, but fear not! Personal training apps are here to support you.

The best workout tracker app can make your fitness adventure easy and fun. They help you keep tabs on what you eat, track your workouts, and hit your weight goals effortlessly.

“Fitness trackers are a great tool,” says Johns Hopkins cardiologist Seth Martin, M.D., M.H.S.

Being more active and changing your habits is important, but it can be difficult. Tracking helps many people when combined with a clear goal to shoot for.

As technology improves, these personal training apps become even more critical. They let you do workouts your way while still getting expert advice, making the whole experience easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s dive into the world of the best personal training apps and explore how these digital companions are poised to revolutionize your fitness journey.

Best Personal Training Apps

Best Personal Training Apps for Weight Loss:

Best Personal Training App for Yoga:
Yoga Burn- Fitness system

Best Online Workout Program With Meal Plannner:
Perfect Body – Meal planner

Best Personal Training App for Fitness Classes:

Best Personal Training App for Cardio:

Our Top Picks

#1 Noom

Key features:

  • Tailored daily lessons to educate and motivate
  • Integration of dietary and exercise logging
  • Supportive coaching and community engagement

What we love:

  • Tailored programs using psychology
  • Quick daily lessons for busy schedules
  • Personalized coaching & community support
  • Promotes smart eating choices without restrictions
  • Tools to track health journey at your pace

What to consider:

  • Not ideal for everyone
  • Consistent app use for best results

Why we choose Noom:

Noom’s unique, science-backed approach to weight loss tailored to fit personal patterns and behaviors makes it exceptional. It adjusts to your unique needs, offering support that’s both educational and practical.


Noom offers more than a diet plan; it’s a behavioral change program that fits into your life. By delving into the mental triggers of eating, it crafts an enlightening path to better health. The app combines personal coaching, technology, and psychology to empower your health choices and promote consistency.

The joy of indulging in your preferred snacks remains, as Noom believes in moderation over restriction. Targeting weight loss, health maintenance, or just a happier state of being, Noom’s personalized touch and flexible approach to learning are transformative.

#2 Yoga Burn- Fitness system

Key features:

  • A 12-week structured program for sustainable female fitness
  • Convenient digital video series for home use
  • Step-by-step yoga pose coaching for maximal benefit
  • Includes mental wellness techniques
  • Supplemental content for an enriched fitness regime

What we love:

    • Designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a transformation expert
    • Targets women’s specific fitness requirements
    • Employs dynamic sequencing for consistent progression
    • Practical, video-guided home routines
    • Focuses equally on physical and emotional health

What to consider:

  • Less suitable for a male audience
  • Dedication to the full 12-week program is necessary

Why we choose Yoga Burn Fitness System for Women:

Yoga Burn is meticulously crafted to support one’s wellness, leveraging Zoe Bray-Cotton’s specialized approach for impactful weight loss and fitness gains. The program’s progressive challenges keep participants engaged and evolving.


At its core, Yoga Burn harnesses dynamic sequencing, guiding users through levels that build on one another for steady advancement. It’s structured into three phases to prevent plateauing and keep fitness motivation high. The comprehensive digital format ensures yoga practice is personal and pressure-free, essential for maintaining regular workouts.

The user-centered design, backed by positive feedback, makes Yoga Burn a go-to solution for women seeking a toned, flexible physique and mental vibrancy. With Noom’s personalized touch and flexible approach to learning, Yoga Burn enhances a holistic journey to fitness and well-being.

So why wait? Join the Yoga Burn community today and start your transformative journey! Remember, consistency is key, but with Yoga Burn by your side, you’ll have all the tools and support you need to succeed. Let’s get moving towards a healthier,

#3 Perfect Body – Meal planner

Key features:

  • Personalized nutrition plans by experts
  • Diverse healthy recipes
  • Comprehensive diet app
  • Cost: $39

What we love:

  • Personalized 28-day meal plans
  • 1,000+ diverse recipes
  • App for diet, hydration, and activity tracking
  • Flexible plan adjustments
  • Emphasis on body positivity & lasting health habits

What to consider:

  • Fresh ingredients = higher costs
  • Self-preparation for all meals; no meal kits

Why we choose Perfect Body – Meal planner:

Perfect Body stands out with its user-specific meal plans and empowering digital ecosystem. It’s an ideal partner in achieving and maintaining a balanced lifestyle—dedicated to individual wellness journeys.


Perfect Body is reshaping the weight loss paradigm with a unique model that emphasizes adaptability, customization, and long-term success. Crafted by expert dieticians, the plan flexibly conforms to your body’s changing needs, keeping you committed and satisfied, avoiding the sense of dietary restraint.

Its comprehensive set of recipes and real-time adjustments showcase a sophisticated understanding of healthy weight management and the significance of nurturing a positive self-image. So, whether you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, Perfect Body provides the necessary tools and support to achieve your goals.

#4 iFIT

Key features:

  • Extensive library of on-demand and live classes
  • Wide range of workout types
  • Syncs with multiple devices and equipment
  • Cost: $15/month (Basic), $39/month (Premium)

What we love:

  • Over 16,000 live and on-demand workouts
  • 60+ workout genres for comprehensive fitness
  • Captivating global class settings
  • Competitive live events and races
  • Top-notch instructors
  • Compatible with multiple fitness brands
  • Family membership options

What to consider:

  • Subscription costs may be steep for some
  • Lacks personalized training progression

Why we choose IFIT:

iFIT is the ace card for home fitness enthusiasts seeking variety and technology-driven workouts. Its extensive library and cross-brand compatibility make it a top pick for a dynamic exercise regime.


The iFIT app revolutionizes at-home workouts by delivering a vast selection of classes that cater to all fitness levels, without the need for high-end equipment. The platform thrives on its ability to simulate studio-quality sessions in the comfort of one’s home, complete with heart-pumping music and advanced workout tracking.

While the absence of truly individualized coaching is noted, the diversity in workouts and the flexibility of the app to sync across numerous devices bolster its place in our digital fitness landscape. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, iFIT has something for everyone to stay motivated and reach their fitness goals.

Overall, we highly recommend the iFIT Personal Training App as a comprehensive and engaging option for those looking to elevate their home workout experience.

#5 Strava

Key features:

  • Tracks an extensive range of sports
  • Basic tracking is available on the free version
  • Advanced metrics with premium subscription
  • Annual Fee: $80

What we love:

  • Monitors over 30 sports activities
  • Converts phone into sophisticated run/cycle tracker
  • Free tier includes beacon live tracking
  • Ample workout data and analytics
  • Compatible with a multitude of devices

What to consider:

  • Premium features require a subscription
  • Some features are restricted to desktop access

Why we choose Strava:

Strava stands out as a multifaceted tracking app, essential for cardio aficionados who revel in data-rich analysis of their sporting endeavors. It’s not merely an app; it’s an upgrade to your training intelligence.


Strava transcends being just another app—it’s a powerhouse for workout tracking and statistic analysis within the reach of your smartphone. Its versatility shines, offering a plethora of sports tracking, from running to skiing. While the free version caters to basic tracking needs, the premium variant is a goldmine for meticulous athletes seeking granular insights.

For an $80 annual fee, subscribers have access to a wealth of features that echo the guidance of a professional coach: from periodized training plans to detailed performance analytics. The relative effort assessment is a highlight—providing athletes with critical feedback on their exertion levels, and adjusting for variables life tosses their way.

The premium tier of Strava is akin to having an elite coach in your pocket, specializing in route optimization and endurance metrics. While the hike in annual pricing was a point of contention for many, the value it offers to serious sports enthusiasts is undeniable.

How Do Personal Training Apps Work?

Personal training apps are like fitness guides on your phone. You start by making a profile and sharing your age, weight, and what you want to achieve. Then, the app figures out your fitness level and customizes your plan.

Fitness apps can absolutely be an excellent medium for exercise. While it may not be as personalized as seeing a live trainer, it will give you consistency if it meets your time and budget constraints,

advises Dr. Carly McMullen, PT, D.P.T.

These best virtual personal training apps show you how to exercise through videos or pictures. They keep it simple, so it’s easy to follow, even if you’re a total newbie. You can log into your workout page and monitor changes in your weight or measurements.

What’s remarkable is that some apps change your plan based on how you’re doing. If you like specific exercises or want something different, they can adapt. Some even help with what you eat, giving tips on calories or suggesting meals.

Additionally, these apps often connect you with others. You can share your progress, ask for advice, or join challenges.

What To Know About Personal Training Apps

Getting fit at home is easy now – you don’t need expensive gear or a gym membership. Online personal training apps help you achieve home workouts, join live classes, get nutrition advice, and even have a personal trainer guide you without leaving your home.

These apps have improved over the years, offering plans for different needs like recovering from injuries, doing easy exercises, and fitness during and after pregnancy with audio guidance.

Pregnancy and childbirth are accompanied by some pretty significant changes in your body. Exercise can help you heal and recover, but your workouts will look different than what you’re probably used to for several weeks,

warns Dr. Kathleen Mundy, OB-GYN at Houston Methodist.

Personal training apps have something for everyone, whether you like energetic-themed classes or a more relaxed vibe.

If you’re starting or want to switch things up, these apps give you many options to make working out at home effective and fun.

What Are the Pros and Cons?


  • Personal training apps offer the flexibility to exercise anytime, anywhere, making it convenient for users with busy schedules.
  • These apps are often more budget-friendly than hiring a personal trainer, providing affordable fitness guidance.
  • Many apps offer a variety of workouts, catering to different fitness levels, goals, and preferences.
  • Personal training apps often include features to track and monitor your progress, helping you stay motivated.


  • Some apps may need specific workout equipment, limiting accessibility for users without access to a gym or specialized gear.

Are Personal Trainers in the Apps Certified

Many personal training apps feature certified personal trainers, ensuring a level of expertise and professionalism in the fitness guidance they provide.

Certified trainers often have letters after their names, like “C.P.T.” for Certified Personal Trainer. Secondly, you might also see the organization’s name that certified them, like A.C.E. or NASM. It’s proof that they went through training and know their work.

So, when you’re scrolling through trainers on the app, keep an eye out for these signs in their profiles. If you spot the certification information, you can feel good knowing you’re getting guidance from someone trained and certified to help you with your fitness journey.

How To Choose The Best Personal Training Fitness App

Choosing online personal training involves looking at a few essential things:

Know Your Fitness Level and Goals

Understanding where you stand in your fitness journey is crucial. If you’re a beginner, consider apps that provide straightforward workouts, making it easier to get started. For those who are more advanced, seek apps with challenging exercises to push your fitness boundaries. For those who want to lose weight, they can pick the best apps for weight loss. To gain strength and muscles, you can go for the best weight-lifting app available to achieve this goal.

Different Types of Exercises

Variety is the spice of life, and the same goes for workouts. A good fitness app should offer a diverse range of exercises and classes. It keeps your workouts engaging and allows you to explore different types of physical activities, targeting various muscle groups.

Motivation Stuff

Motivation plays a significant role in sticking to your fitness routine. If you thrive on encouragement, look for apps that offer motivational features. It could include virtual trainers providing positive reinforcement and creating a supportive environment that keeps you motivated.

Look at Reviews

Reviews from other users are like a roadmap for your app journey. They provide insights into the real-world experiences of people using the app. Pay attention to feedback on effectiveness, user-friendliness, and any potential issues. It’s like having a sneak peek before committing.

Benefits Of The Best Personal Training Fitness App

Online personal training offers a range of benefits, making your fitness journey more effective and enjoyable:

Easy Anytime Workouts

This app lets you exercise whenever you want, like having a fitness buddy in your pocket. There is no need for unique places or equipment – just press play, and you’re good to go!

Exercises Just for You

The app creates workouts that match your fitness level and what you want to achieve. Whether you’re just starting or already a fitness pro, it ensures you do the right exercises.

Fun and Different Workouts

With this app, you get to do all sorts of exercises – not just the same old stuff. It keeps things interesting, like changing a game so you never get bored.

Stay Motivated with Rewards

Imagine getting virtual badges or cheers for doing well. This app makes your workouts feel like an adventure and excites you to reach your goals.

Exercise When You Can

The app understands you’re busy, so it lets you decide when to exercise. No rush, no pressure – pick a time that works for you, making it super easy to stay active. This fitness app is like your fitness buddy, making working out simple, fun, and tailored just for you!


Personal training apps offer an exciting way to boost your fitness adventure. They’re like your virtual workout buddies, making it easy to exercise when you want and with workouts that suit your level.

While they may not replace the friendliness of having someone with you, their excellent features, like tracking progress and giving you a virtual high-five, can keep you motivated. Sure, there might be some challenges, but the benefits outweigh them. So, get ready to hit play, stay positive, and let these best apps to track workouts be your guide to a healthier and happier you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Can Anyone, Even Beginners, Use These Apps?

A. These apps work for everyone, whether you’re just starting or already know your way around. They give you workouts that match what you need.

Q. Can These Apps Replace Having Someone In Person To Guide You?

A. While these apps are helpful, they might not give you feedback as you go or that personal connection you get with someone guiding you in person.

Q. What Problems Might People Run Into With These Apps?

A. Some challenges include not getting personal feedback, needing to rely on technology, feeling alone without talking to people, and using the app too much, which can cost money.

Q. How Do These Apps Make Sure You Keep Going?

A. Personal training apps use things like tracking your progress, having a virtual trainer to encourage you, and giving you little rewards to help you stay on track.

Q. Do You Need Unique Stuff To Use These Apps?

A. Nope! Most of these apps have workouts that don’t need much or any special equipment, so you can get started without requiring a lot of fancy stuff.

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