Alpha Lion Night Burn

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  • Sleep Deeper & Relax Better
  • Support Healthy Metabolism
  • Helps Promote Healthy Cortisol Production
  • Enhance Overall Mood
  • Reduce Occasional Stress
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The Alpha Lion Night Burn helps you unlock your body’s 24/7 fat burning potential. By improving sleep quality and reducing stress levels, it supercharges your weight loss goals while you rest.

Manufacturer: Alpha Lion
Category: Fat Burner Supplement

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Pros & Cons of Alpha Lions Night Burn

What We Like …

  • Formulated with Research-Backed Ingredients
  • Combines Sleep Support and Fat Burning Benefits
  • Includes Stress-Relieving Adaptogens
  • Vegetarian Capsules
  • Money-Back Guarantee

What Needs Improvement …

  • Premium Price Point
  • No Flavor Options

Product Summary

The Night Burn is a dual-action supplement that aims to enhance sleep quality while boosting metabolic function for optimal fat burning. Its blend of melatonin, lavender, ashwagandha, and other botanicals work synergistically to promote relaxation and support a healthy stress response.

With premium, scientifically validated ingredients like Shoden® Ashwagandha and CapsiMax™, Night Burn offers a comprehensive approach to nighttime wellness and weight management.

Night Burn Alpha Lion Specs

Key Ingredients Shoden® Ashwagandha, Lavender Extract, CapsiMax™, Zylaria™, MicroActive® Melatonin
Serving Info 30 servings per bottle (60capsules)
Flavor Unflavored
Guarantee 365-days money-return guarantee
Dose 2 Capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime
Special Ingredients Melatonin, Ashwagandha, CapsiMax™ (Cayenne Extract)
Item Form Capsules
Item Weight 0.06 Kilograms
Type Weight loss supplement

Asked A Questions for Alpha Lion Night Burn

Q. Does Alpha Lion Night Burn work?

A. Individual results may vary, but Night Burn combines sleep and fat-burning support to potentially boost your weight loss journey.

Q. Is Alpha Lion Night Burn safe?

A. Yes, It is formulated with safe, well-researched ingredients in their recommended dosages. However, consult your physician before use if you have any medical conditions or take medications.

Q. How to use Night Burn?

A. Take 2 capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime with 8 oz of water.

Q. Does it make you sweat at night while sleeping?

A. No, Night Burn does not contain any ingredients that would cause excessive sweating during sleep.

Q. What is the difference between SuperHuman Sleep and Night Burn?

A. SuperHuman Sleep is primarily a sleep aid, while Night Burn combines sleep support with metabolism-boosting and fat-burning benefits.

Q. Does Night Burn contain caffeine or other stimulants?

A. No, It does not contain any stimulants like caffeine to ensure undisturbed, restful sleep.

Q. Can Night Burn to be taken with other ALPHA LION supplements?

A. Yes, Night Burn can be combined safely with other ALPHA LION products. Follow all product dosage instructions.

About the Brand

They are empowering fitness enthusiasts with innovative supplements for peak performance and results-driven workouts.

Alpha Lion

Founder: Troy Adashun and Jordan Fares

The Alpha Lion ignites intense workouts with science-backed supplements. Their focus is on amplifying energy, focus, and performance to help you conquer your fitness goals.

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  1. Daniel Hall

    It’s not instant, but it definitely helps me fall asleep. I start feeling heavy-eyed, and the ashwagandha kicks in, making me feel less bothered by things. It’s a bit pricey, but it does deliver on some of its promises. I haven’t seen any fat loss yet, but I haven’t been closely tracking my body changes either.

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