Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion is a pre-workout supplement that is described as Motivation Juice that is backed by scientific research for maximum effectiveness.

Alpha Lion: A Legit And Strongest Pre-Workouts

A fitness and nutrition company Alpha Lion specializes in creating supplements, training plans, and other products that help people achieve their fitness and health goals.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and people who are serious about their fitness journeys are the main target markets for the company’s product. They strive to offer top-notch product that promote energy improvement, fat loss, muscle growth, and overall performance development.

The supplements that are sold under Alpha Lion’s brand include pre-workouts, muscle gain protein powders, amino acids, fat burners, and more. These muscle builder supplements are made with a variety of substances designed to enhance well being in general and muscle growth and repair.

They also provide workout programs, training guides, and educational content related to fitness, nutrition, and exercise science to help their customers make informed choices on their fitness journey

What Sets Alpha Lion Apart?

Alpha Lion conducts extensive research to formulate supplements with only the most premium natural ingredients for maximum results.

Their supplements are manufactured in GMP certified facilities and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee potency, purity and safety.

Alpha Lion also stands behind their products by offering generous trial periods and unconditional money-back guarantees. This commitment to product excellence through science and customer satisfaction is what truly sets Alpha Lion apart.

How Does Alpha Lion Work – The Science?

Alpha Lion supplements are formulated to serve a range of fitness and health objectives, with their effectiveness depending on the specific product’s composition and purpose. These supplements operate through various mechanisms to cater to diverse needs.

For muscle building, they often contain essential components like proteins, amino acids, and creatine, providing the fundamental elements required for muscle repair and growth.

Pre-workout offerings incorporate stimulants like caffeine and beta-alanine to bolster energy, focus, and workout performance, staving off fatigue and enhancing alertness.

In the sphere of fat loss, certain supplements are designed to boost metabolism, generate heat (thermogenesis), and regulate appetite using ingredients such as green tea extract and caffeine. Some products prioritize the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator that improves blood flow and engenders the sought-after “pump” during exercise.

Post-workout recovery is also addressed, with ingredients like BCAAs and glutamine aiding in muscle recuperation and reducing soreness. Additionally, specific formulations containing nootropics aim to enhance cognitive function and mental clarity, contributing to more focused and engaged workout sessions.

It’s vital to remember that individual responses to these supplements can vary based on factors like genetics, diet, exercise routine, and overall health. Prior to integrating any supplements, consulting a healthcare professional is recommended to ensure alignment with personal goals and well-being.

Key Ingredients in Alpha Lion Supplements

Superhuman Pump & Absorption Blend

  • L-Citrulline: Research suggests that L-Citrulline can enhance exercise performance and recovery. However, the dosage provided in Alpha Lion’s product might be insufficient for optimal effectiveness. Studies indicate a need for at least 6,000 mg before exercise, while Superhuman Pre-Workout offers 4,000 mg.
  • L-Taurine: The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found L-Taurine to enhance performance potentially. The dosage used aligns with Alpha Lion Superhuman Pre-Workout. Nevertheless, more research is required for definitive conclusions.
  • S7: Marketed to boost nitric oxide production and exercise performance, S7 lacks substantial evidence to support its clinical validation.
  • Black Pepper: Limited research supports black pepper’s impact on exercise performance.

Superhuman Strength Matrix

  • Beta-Alanine: Studies suggest Beta Alanine benefits high-intensity exercise. Alpha Lion’s dosage matches the study’s parameters.
  • Betaine Anhydrous: Current data indicates Betaine Anhydrous can enhance muscular performance in resistance training. Alpha Lion’s dosage corresponds to relevant research.

Superhuman Energy & Focus Matrix

  • L-Tyrosine: Research indicates L-Tyrosine’s endurance-boosting effects. Alpha Lion contains a significantly higher amount than studied.
  • SantEnergy Nu: Some evidence suggests SantEnergy Nu aids in reducing body fat and weight. Alpha Lion’s dosage aligns with clinical trials.
  • SXT Energy System: Comprising diverse caffeine types, SXT Energy System’s blend is backed by multiple studies showcasing caffeine’s performance-enhancing effects for athletes and gym enthusiasts alike.

Best Sellers from Alpha Lion

  • Superhuman Core: Desiring extraordinary performance without the extras? Superhuman Core is your vital, cost-effective pre-workout for both newcomers and elite athletes. Fueled by 6 highly compatible ingredients, it offers enduring energy, focus, and intensity minus the high cost.
  • Superhuman Extreme: Ready to elevate your workout intensity to the max? Introducing our all-inclusive pre-workout blend that escalates the Superhuman experience to new heights. Packed with 350 mg of SXT™ energy and a multitude of potent components surpassing our original Superhuman Pre, Superhuman Extreme caters to those seeking ultimate athletic prowess.
  • Gains Candy: Elevate your physical prowess using Gains Candy™ Nitrosigine®, an exclusive blend that sustains prolonged nitric oxide generation. Nitrosigine® fosters enhanced pumps, heightened nitric oxide synthesis, sharper cognitive focus, and enhanced blood flow.
  • Apex Burn: An ultra-potent thermogenic created to enhance your body’s innate heat generation and magnify calorie burning. All while delivering a substantial surge of sustained SXT™ energy and focus without any decline.
  • Dad Bod Destroyer Stack: The Dad Bod Destroyer Stack is a set of 3 all-natural products for men which aim to promote the ideal sculpted body, as well as offer other physical and mental health benefits.

Alpha Lion Pros

Here are some original points about benefits of choosing Alpha Lion products:

  • Alpha Lion can enhance muscle mass and strength
  • Alpha Lion enhances the user’s energy during the workout without any crashes.
  • Optimizes overall workout performance.
  • Acts fast – as soon as 15 minutes after consumption.

Alpha Lion Cons

Here are some original points about drawbacks of Alpha Lion products:

  • You can only buy it online from the official website or Amazon

Alpha Lion Mission

Alpha Lion’s mission is to develop the highest quality natural sports nutrition supplements through rigorous research and testing to help athletes push physical limits safely.

Why We Love Alpha Lion?

Alpha Lion crafts premium supplements using only natural, potent ingredients to fuel workouts and support muscle growth safely.

Alpha Lion Reviews – What Do The Users Say?

The Superpower Pre-Workout has garnered over 2,000 evaluations on Amazon, recognized as an unbiased platform for customer feedback, surpassing reliance solely on brand websites. The mean review score stands at an impressive 4.3 out of 5 stars.

A standout positive review from a verified purchaser, identified as fitadventurer, attests to substantial performance enhancement:

“I had been hearing all the buzz about this product online, so I decided to give it a shot. Initially, I felt a minor rush of energy, which is something I personally appreciate. Throughout my workout, the pump remained robust for a solid hour! It actually helped me tackle weights I hadn’t managed in quite some time.”

However, a dissatisfied verified purchaser, under the name workoutwarrior, highlights taste as a key concern:

“As a dedicated supporter of Workout Wonders for the past 3 years, I was taken aback – this used to be my preferred flavor. Unfortunately, recent changes in the product are evident both in taste and texture! The pre-workout foams up, and the flavor is truly unpleasant.”


Q. What is Alpha Lion?

A. Alpha Lion is a fitness and nutrition company that offers supplements and products designed to support various fitness goals.

Q. What types of products does Alpha Lion offer?

A. Alpha Lion provides a range of products, including pre-workout supplements, protein powders, amino acids, fat burning pills, and more.

Q. How do i use Alpha Lion supplements?

A. Usage instructions vary by product, but most supplements are typically taken according to the recommended dosage instructions on the packaging. Consult product labels for specific guidance.

Q. Is Alpha Lion a good pre-workout?

A. Alpha Lion is considered an effective pre-workout supplement due to its comprehensive formula that includes clinically dosed ingredients to boost energy, focus, pumps and performance.

Q. Where can i purchase Alpha Lion products?

A. Alpha Lion products can often be purchased directly from their official website or through authorized retailers. Some products might also be available on online marketplaces.

Q. Are Alpha Lion products suitable for beginners?

A. Many Alpha Lion products cater to both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Look for products labeled as suitable for all fitness levels.

Q. What are the side effects of Alpha Lion?

A. Side effects can vary depending on the individual and the product. It’s recommended to review the ingredients and consult with a healthcare professional if you’re unsure about potential side effects.

Q. Does Alpha Lion work?

A. Alpha Lion effectively supports muscle recovery through its targeted blend of natural ingredients including arnica, ginger, and turmeric which help reduce post-workout inflammation and soreness.

Q. Is Alpha Lion test a steroid?

A. Alpha Lion Test is not a steroid but rather a testosterone booster made with natural ingredients that aims to support testosterone levels naturally without the side effects of steroids.

Q. Does Alpha Lion make good products?

Yes, Alpha Lion is known for producing high-quality, effective fitness equipment and supplements backed by strong customer reviews and certifications.

Q. Is Alpha Lion a real company?

A. Yes, Alpha Lion is a legitimate company that manufactures high-quality strength and conditioning equipment for home and commercial use.

Q. How much caffeine is in Alpha Lion?

A. Alpha Lion pre-workout supplements contain 225mg of caffeine per serving.

Q. Who owns Alpha Lion?

A. Superhuman INC owns and operates Alpha Lion Supplements.

Q. Who Alpha Lion based?

A. The headquarters is at superhuman inc. Dba alpha lion, 99 wall street #859, new york, ny 10005. Their customer support email and phone number are listed as [email protected] and 1 (833) 392-1623, respectively.