American Barbell Kilo Fractional Olympic Weight Plates

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American Barbell brings precision to strength training with their fractional urethane plates. Available down to 0.5kg increments, these plates support targeted progression in weightlifting and powerlifting. Durable yet flexible in size, fractional plates allow customized micro-loading to push performance to new heights.

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Pros & Cons of American Barbell Kilo Urethane Fractional Plates

What We Like …

  • Precise micro-loading gains
  • German grade durable urethane protects plates
  • Color-coded identification ease
  • Odorless and scratch resistant
  • 0.5 kg increments for progression

What Needs Improvement …

  • Smaller increments cost more
  • Inner hub wears with extended use
  • Not as versatile as full kilo plates
  • Learning curve for fractional system
  • Micro-gains may slow overall progress

Product Summary

The American Barbell fractional plates help you get stronger slowly over time. They come in small half kilogram weights from 0.5 kg to 5 kg. This allows you to add only a little bit more weight each week. The plates are German-made tough rubber that protects the metal inside.

This urethane is scratch-resistant & odor free. You can easily see the different colored weights to know how much you are lifting. Lifting a little more each time makes your muscles get bigger and stronger.

These fractional plates make it possible to gradually make the bar a tiny bit heavier each week. This lets you challenge your muscles in a way that helps them grow.

American Barbell Kilo Urethane Fractional Plates Specs

Coated Premium grade German urethane coating
Material Odor-free, Scratch-resistant
Weight 0.5kg – 5kg
Made In USA
Color of Pair 0.5kg White, 1kg Green, 1.5kg Yellow, 2kg Blue, 2.5kg Red, 5kg White

Asked A Questions for American Barbell Kilo Urethane Fractional Plates

Q. What is urethane fractional weight plates?

A. Urethane fractional weight plates allow for precise weight increases in small increments.

Q. Should i get fractional weight plates 1.25?

A. Fractional weight plates allow for precise 1.25kg increases which can help optimize strength gains, especially for powerlifters focused on progressive overload.

Q. How to make fractional weight plates?

A. American barbell makes the small weight plates by covering metal with premium grade German rubber.

Q. Why are barbell plates so expensive?

A. Barbell plates cost more because the metal must be very strong and the rubber coating helps them last a long time for heavy lifting.

Q. Are American weights in pounds or kilos?

A. American Barbell offers their fractional plates in kilograms to allow for precise weight increases in the metric system.

About the Brand

American Barbell is a manufacturer of high-quality weightlifting equipment based in California.

American Barbell

Founder: Phil Patti

American Barbell creates top-grade weightlifting gear including plates, bars, dumbbells and racks. Products undergo stringent testing to prove durability and deliver optimized performance for serious athletes at reasonable prices.

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