American Barbell Color LB Urethane PRO Series Plates

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American Barbell LB Pro urethane plates are known for resilience, vibrancy and dependability. Crafted from premium German materials, these bumpers set the gold standard for consistent performance even in high-demand gyms and training centers worldwide. Over 100,000 units sold showcase their stay-true durability.

Manufacturer: American Barbell
Category: Weight Plates

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Pros & Cons of American Barbell LB Pro Urethane Bumper Plates

What We Like …

  • Exceptionally durable urethane material
  • Vibrant colors hold up over time
  • Minimal noise and bounce for controlled lifts
  • Smooth surface protects bars and floors
  • American Barbell LB Pro urethane plates backed by strong reputation for quality

What Needs Improvement …

  • Heavier than rubber-coated bumpers
  • Limited color options versus competitors
  • Higher initial cost than other bumper options

Product Summary

American Barbell was the pioneer in urethane bumper plate production, creating a global gold standard for resilience and reliability. Crafted from premium German materials, the LB Pro plates deliver best-in-class durability even in high-demand settings like military bases, elite training facilities and Olympic centers.

Over 15 years and 100,000 units sold, they maintain vibrant customized colors without failures. Featuring a one-piece 140mm chrome hub and smooth urethane surface, these bumpers absorb impact for safe lifting with minimal noise and wear on bars or floors. Their reputation for dependable, long-lasting performance remains unparalleled.

American Barbell LB Pro Urethane Bumper Plates Specs

25LB Plate Width 1.5″ (39MM)
35LB Plate Width 1.76″ (45MM)
45LB Plate Width 2.05″ (52MM)
55LB Plate Width 2.27″ (58MM)
Made In USA
Diameter 450MM
Color Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue

Asked A Questions for American Barbell LB Pro Urethane Bumper Plates

Q. Are urethane bumper plates worth it?

A. Urethane bumper plates like the American Barbell LB Pro Urethane plates are worth considering for their exceptionally long-lasting durability in high-demand settings.

Q. What is the difference between urethane and rubber plates?

A. The main difference between urethane and rubber weight plates is that urethane plates offer superior durability and longevity while maintaining minimal noise and bounce compared to standard rubber bumpers.

Q. Is it OK to bench with bumper plates?

A. While urethane bumper plates like the American Barbell LB Pro urethane plates provide safety and noise reduction benefits, it’s generally recommended to use solid metal plates for primary lifting exercises like bench pressing due to their more consistent weight distribution.

Q. Do urethane bumper plates smell?

A. American Barbell urethane plates are durable, the premium materials used generally prevent significant odor over long-term use with proper care and ventilation.

Q. Are urethane weights safe?

A. Urethane weight plates like the American Barbell LB plates provide a safe option for weightlifting as their resilient material and minimal bounce reduce risks of injury from dropped weights compared to other plate types.

Q. What are urethane bumper plates?

A. Urethane bumper plates are weight plates crafted from a durable polyurethane material that absorbs impact for safer lifting with less noise and floor protection compared to other plate types.

Q. Are urethane bumper plates better?

A. For demanding environments, urethane bumper plates like the LB Pro plates are often better than other options due to their exceptional durability and longevity.

About the Brand

American Barbell gym equipment is favored by elite athletes and gyms for its durability and ability to withstand heavy day-to-day use.

American Barbell

Founder: Phil Patti

American Barbell is a manufacturer of high-quality weightlifting equipment based in California. They produce Olympic-style bars, weight plates, dumbbells, and other gear made in the USA from top-grade materials.

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