DMoose Arm Blaster for Bodybuilding Muscle Strength

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  • 7mm thick neck padding for supreme comfort
  • Adjustable strap for secure fitting
  • Elbow pad prevents workout pain
  • Durable robust buckle and rivets
  • Curved shape boosts engagement

DMoose Arm Blaster optimizes muscle engagement in the biceps and brachialis to accelerate gains. Its stable design promotes safe, comfortable exercise to complete arm workouts efficiently. By maintaining proper form under resistance, this arm blaster curl attachment enhances muscle recruitment to drive progression towards stronger, more defined arms with each session.

Manufacturer: DMoose Fitness

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Pros & Cons of DMoose Arm Blaster

What We Like …

  • Thick padding prevents neck strain
  • Adjustable heavy-duty strap stays secure
  • DMoose Bicep Curl Arm Blaster protects elbow from soreness
  • Custom fit for all levels
  • Rivets and buckle built to last
  • Curved design activates biceps

What Needs Improvement …

  • Durability concerns
  • Could restrict those with wider frames

Product Summary

The DMoose Arm Curl Blaster addresses the challenges of ineffective arm workouts. Its ergonomic design provides unparalleled comfort, removing pain as an obstacle to progress. Customizable support stabilizes arms for perfect form, allowing full focus on sculpting biceps and brachialis.

By optimizing the angle of each repetition, maximum muscle activation is achieved for faster gains. With its durable construction and weight-relieving features, the DMoose blaster empowers users at any fitness level to reach new strength milestones through consistent, productive training.

DMoose Arm Blaster Specs

Material Type Aluminum Elbow Rubber Padded Plate
Item Dimension ‎24 L x 3.5 W x 0.19 H inches
Made In USA
Item Weight ‎‎‎1.8 Pounds
Number of Items ‎1
Handle Type ‎‎Fixed Handle
Style Sport Type
Color American, Black, Gray
Department Unisex-Adult
Sport Type Weightlifting
Style Protection (With or without Wrist Support)

Asked A Questions for DMoose Arm Blaster

Q. How to use arm blaster?

A. To use the DMoose Arm Blaster, simply secure the padded stabilizer around your neck and arms while performing bicep exercises like preacher curls or hammer curls for targeted muscle building.

Q. Does the arm blaster work?

A. DMoose arm bicep blaster effectively works the biceps by stabilizing the arms at a fixed angle to maximize muscle activation during curls and isolate the biceps for targeted growth.

Q. Can I adjust the strap to my size?

A. Yes, the curl blaster features an adjustable strap that can be customized for a secure yet comfortable fit around different arm and neck sizes.

Q. Is it suitable for beginners?

A. This weight lifting blaster is suitable for both beginners and advanced lifters as its ergonomic design provides stability and proper form guidance for safe and effective bicep exercises regardless of experience level.

Q. Can I use it for forearm workouts?

A. While primarily designed for bicep exercises, this can also be used to support the arms during certain forearm blasting workouts like wrist curls to help isolate those muscles.

Q. How do I clean the arm blaster?

A. To clean the DMoose arm blaster, wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap or disinfectant after each use to remove sweat and keep the neoprene material fresh.

Q. Can you do hammer curls with arm blaster?

A. Yes, It allows you to perform hammer bicep curls by stabilizing the upper arms at the optimal angle to effectively target the brachialis muscle in the front of the arm.

About the Brand

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DMoose Enterprises Inc.

Founder: Mussayab Ehtesham

DMoose Enterprises is a brand committed to creating high-quality yet affordable strength training equipment, including plates, dumbbells, machines and racks, to help people achieve their strength and fitness goals.

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