The Dmoose fitness brand equips homes and gyms with a diverse selection of affordable strength machines, free weights, bars and accessories to fuel versatile workouts and help athletes of any level push boundaries.

DMoose: A Brand Committed to Helping People Reach Their Fitness Goals

DMoose is a fitness brand committed to providing high-quality, affordable equipment for home gyms and commercial facilities. Founded in 2019 by Canadian engineer Mussayab Ehtesham, DMoose offers a versatile range of products like weight plates, dumbbells, machines and racks.

With a focus on innovation and durability, DMoose ensures their equipment meets the diverse needs of all fitness levels. Led by Ehtesham from their Buffalo, Wyoming headquarters, DMoose continues advancing the industry with reliable, durable solutions for beginners and experienced athletes that help achieve strength and fitness goals.

What Sets DMoose Apart?

DMoose is committed to creating high-quality, durable fitness equipment. They perform rigorous testing and utilize specialized materials to build products that stand up to intensive use. A focus on innovation allows DMoose to develop tools like their resistance bands, lifting hooks and knee sleeves that effectively enhance workouts.

Most notably, DMoose strives for optimal performance and comfort so customers can train confidently without limitation. It is this dedication to excellence that sets DMoose apart.

What Distinguishing Features Does DMoose Offer?

  • Quality Construction: They use premium materials like German urethane and synthetic leather known for durability. Products undergo stringent testing to withstand years of intensive use.
  • Support Money-back guarantees and sizing help ensure the right Dmoose gear for every customer
  • Innovative Design: Equipment incorporates novel design elements that effectively target muscles. Products like resistance bands and ab mats improve exercise effectiveness.
  • Versatility: From weights to bands to protective gear, they offer multi-functional tools to complement any workout style or routine.
  • Affordability: Despite quality, prices are fair. Budget-friendly options allow affordable home gyms and commercial-grade equipment for facilities.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Dmoose prioritizes customer service and feedback. Products are refined over time based on user reviews to ensure satisfaction.
  • Goal-Specific Products: Equipment like knee sleeves and lifting hooks are tailored to aid specific goals like recovery, strength and muscle gains.
  • Product Range: The extensive selection includes items for all major muscle groups from abs to shoulders as well as full gym setups.
  • Inclusive Approach: This brand caters to all experience and ability levels through adjustable options and versatile tools for any fitness journey.
  • Brand Reputation: A reputation for reliability and performance has been built over many years, cementing Dmoose as a leader in the industry.

Top-Selling Products by DMoose

  • DMoose Knee sleeves: Supportive compression sleeves designed to reduce knee strain during weightlifting.
  • DMoose Ankle Strap: An adjustable ankle strap provides stability and prevents injury for lower body exercises.
  • DMoose 10MM Lever Belt: A premium weightlifting belt with durable leather and a lever buckle for maximum core support on heavy lifts.
  • Dmoose Weight Lifting Gloves: Padded gloves protect hands and improve grip for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting routines.
  • Dmoose Wrist Straps Hook: Adjustable Wrist straps secure the hands and prevent dropped weights by supporting the wrists during lifts.

Benefits of Choosing DMoose Fitness

Choosing DMoose brings numerous benefits to your fitness journey. From top-quality equipment to expertly crafted supplements, our brand prioritizes excellence, durability, and affordability for a comprehensive fitness experience. Here are some benefits with this brand:

  • Durable premium products built to last
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 20% discount on pricing for military/first responders
  • Affordable rates for orders
  • Fast free shipping across US over $49

DMoose Mission

DMoose aim to empowering customers through fitness to live freely without limitations. They aim to provide high-quality equipment and resources that unlock life’s opportunities by maintaining good health from the inside out so people can focus energy on their priorities and find fulfillment.

Why We Love DMoose?

DMoose has earned a loyal following due to its high-quality, well-designed fitness products combined with excellent customer service and affordable pricing.


Q. Is DMoose a good brand?

A. With a reputation for premium high-quality, durable, and innovative fitness products backed by excellent customer service, DMoose has established itself as a top brand in the industry.

Q. Who is the owner of DMoose?

A. Mussayab Ehtesham, a fitness enthusiast turned successful entrepreneur, founded and continues to lead DMoose as the owner and CEO of the thriving online fitness equipment brand.

Q. What does DMoose do?

A. As a leading fitness brand, DMoose designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of high-quality equipment and accessories to enhance workouts and aid recovery for athletes of all levels.

Q. What industry does DMoose belong to?

A. This brand operates within the fitness equipment industry, providing innovative tools and gear for strength training, CrossFit, weightlifting, and other sports requiring durable workout products.

Q. Where is DMoose located?

A. The headquarter is at 412 Main St. in Buffalo, Wyoming 82834 in the United States. Customer support email address is [email protected] & phone number is (833) 366-6733.

Q. Where can I buy DMoose products?

A. A wide variety of DMoose’s high-quality fitness equipment and accessories can be purchased directly from their online store or various retail websites.