Dmoose Dip Belt With Chain

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DMoose premium dip belt with chain takes weighted calisthenics training to the next level. Featuring a durable design and versatile use, this belt solidifies its place as the top choice for advanced pull-ups, dips and weightlifting motions. With maximum comfort and versatility blended into one accessory, users can push past limitations and achieve extraordinary strength gains.


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Pros & Cons

What We Like …

  • DMoose Dip Belt comes with 6″ lumbar support area for enhanced lower back comfort during exercises
  • Coated D-ring construction provides sturdy weight attachment
  • Reinforced stitching adds to the belt’s durability
  • Rated for weight loads up to 350 lbs, suitable for demanding workouts
  • Versatile 36″ stainless steel chain enables different weight positioning
  • Available in multiple colors for personalized fit preferences

Product Summary

Premium Dip Belt with Chain by Dmoose Fitness helps users drive past strength training plateaus. As exercises become less challenging over time, it enables weighted pull-ups and dips to enhance muscle building. Its comfortable design features lumbar support for lower back protection and a secure, non-slip fit to focus on workouts.

For added durability, the dip belt utilizes a coated D-ring and sturdy 36-inch stainless steel chain capable of withstanding loads up to 350 lbs. Its versatility allows for a variety of strength moves. The premium construction and performance functionality establish the DMoose Dip Belt as the top choice for advanced calisthenics training.


Fabric Type Neoprene
Made In USA
Belt Dimensions 6″ Wide
Chain Dimensions 36″ Long Stainless Steel
Color Black, Blue, Gray, Gray Camo, American
Department Unisex-Adult

Asked A Questions

Q. How long and wide is the belt?

A. The belt measures 33″ in length with a 6″ wide middle section that tapers to 4″ on both sides. It includes a 36″ chain.

Q. What exercises can I do with this belt?

A. The DMoose dip belt provides an effective solution for intensifying pull-ups, dips, and weight training exercises through the addition of weighted resistance.

Q. Is the chain length adjustable?

A. Yes, The 36-inch chain allows for adjustable weight positioning.

Q. How much heavy weight this belt can handle?

A. Durability tested up to 550 lbs, suitable for intensive workouts.

Q. Is this belt suitable for both men and women?

A. The DMoose dip belt is suitable for both male and female users.

About the Brand

Discover Dmoose Enterprises Inc, creators of innovative, budget-friendly home gym equipment and accessories.

DMoose Enterprises Inc.

Founder: Mussayab Ehtesham

DMoose offers a variety of products beyond dip belts, including supplements, resistance items, and accessories for strength training and overall wellness support.
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