DMoose Custom Fingerless Sparring Gloves for Men’s & Women’s

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  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Reinforced seams last longer
  • Fasten easily with hook-and-loop
  • Tri-slab Padding defends from impacts
  • Wicking liner keeps hands dry
  • Partial fingers allow flexibility
  • Suitable for various combat sports

DMoose sparring gloves allow athletes to perform intense training sessions like speedball, heavy bag work, and full-contact sparring while protecting their hands thanks to the tightly packed needlework construction that maintains shape wear after wear.

Manufacturer: DMoose Fitness
Category: Boxing and MMA

SKU: BBR117 Category: Brand:

Pros & Cons of DMoose Sparring Gloves

What We Like …

  • DMoose Sparring Gloves made from durable synthetic leather
  • Crack resistant for longevity
  • Quick EZ-hook-and-loop fastening closure for ease
  • Tri-slab PC3 padding shields hands
  • Reinforced seam integrity
  • Airflow keeps cool

Product Summary

Take your sparring sessions to the next level with the DMoose Sparring Gloves. Made of premium synthetic leather, these gloves are durable enough to withstand heavy impacts session after session. Tri-slab PC3 padding on the knuckles and fingers shields hands from blows.

A quick hook-and-loop closure allows swift fitting while an extra-long strap provides a secure and customizable wrist fit. Breathable materials keep hands dry during intense workouts. Affordably priced and easy to maintain, these sparring gloves empower athletes to focus on form and skill development without fear of injury.

DMoose Sparring Gloves Specs

Material Type Faux Leather, Leather
Size S, M, L, XL
Made In USA
Glove Type ‎‎‎‎Training
Closure Type ‎‎Hook and Loop
Sport Type ‎‎‎MMA
Color Red
Department Unisex-Adult

Asked A Questions for DMoose Sparring Gloves

Q. What oz gloves for sparring?

A. The weight of sparring gloves varies to suit different skill levels and training goals, with 8oz gloves ideal for technique work and 16oz gloves suitable for maximum impact resistance when sparring.

Q. What are good sparring gloves?

A. DMoose sparring gloves are a high-quality option for both boxing and kickboxing training sessions, as their durable construction and protective padding make them effective good sparring gloves.

Q. What size are sparring gloves?

A. DMoose sparring gloves are available in a variety of sizes from small to 2XL to accommodate most hand sizes whether you prefer full fingered boxing sparring gloves or fingerless styles.

Q. How to clean inside of sparring gloves?

A. To clean the inside of your DMoose fighting sparring gloves, remove the laces and turn the gloves inside out before machine washing the interior padding on a gentle cycle to maintain protection between training sessions.

Q. What materials are used in making sparring gloves?

A. DMoose sparring gloves are made from durable synthetic leather or real leather, with cushioning foam and breathable mesh lining to safeguard hands during rigorous training sessions.

Q. Are light or heavier sparring gloves better?

A. The appropriate weight of sparring gloves depends on the individual’s experience level and training goals, with lighter 8-12oz gloves preferred by novices and heavier 14-16oz gloves worn by more advanced fighters.

About the Brand

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DMoose Enterprises Inc.

Founder: Mussayab Ehtesham

DMoose is a fitness brand known for premium workout gear and supplements. Offering quality and innovation, they provide a range of products from lifting accessories to supplements, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

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