DMoose Elbow Wraps For Powerlifting

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  • Breathable, heavy-duty fabric
  • Secure industrial hook-and-loop closure
  • 40″long strap for full elbow coverage
  • 100% Hypoallergenic material
  • Durable elastic for optimal fit
  • 8cm wide elbow band

DMoose Elbow Wraps provide optimal elbow support for lifters seeking relief from pain or injuries. Backed by experts and ideal for weightlifting, these wraps offer maximum compression and breathability and ensure a custom fit, making them the ideal solution for strength training comfort

Manufacturer: DMoose Fitness
Category: Lifting Support

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Pros & Cons

What We Like …

  • Dmoose Elbow Wraps prevents elbow pain and soreness
  • Help achieve maximum strength safely
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Suitable for various workout types
  • Targeted elbow support
  • 100% Pain-Free Lifting

What Needs Improvement …

  • Numerous complaints about the velcro losing its adhesive strength
  • The elastic hook may not be a suitable fit for everyone

Product Summary

DMoose Elbow Wraps feature a breathable and flexible fabric that moves naturally with your arm during exercise. The material contracts and expands to support muscles through a full range of motion. Experts have tested and approved the wraps, ensuring maximum support without restrictive compression.

Regardless of your routine, these wraps protect elbows from strain or discomfort. Their industrial closure and form-fitting design guarantee a smooth, pain-free experience for weightlifting, presses, curls and more. Manufactured to rigorous safety standards, the DMoose Elbow Wraps are the ideal solution for powerful, injury-free workouts.


Fabric Type Nylon
Made In USA
Product Dimensions 40″ L x 3.15″ W (101cm x 8cm)
Department Unisex-Adult

Asked A Questions

Q. Do elbow wraps help tendonitis?

A. Properly worn DMoose elbow wraps can help relieve tendonitis by providing compression, support, and protection to the elbow joint during workouts.

Q. How tight should elbow wraps be?

A. The wraps should be wrapped tightly enough to provide compression and support but not so tight as to restrict blood flow or movement.

Q. When should I wear elbow wraps?

A. DMoose elbow wraps should be worn during weightlifting exercises that place stress on the elbow joint, such as overhead presses and tricep extensions, to provide support and prevent injury.

Q. What is the material of these elbow wraps?

A. The wraps feature a breathable, flexible fabric material made of heavy-duty neoprene and spandex for compression and support.

Q. How to wear these elbow wraps?

A. The DMoose Elbow Wraps are worn by wrapping the flexible fabric strap securely around the elbow joint using the industrial hook-and-loop closure.

Q. How long and wide are these elbow wraps?

A. The DMoose Elbow Wraps measure 40 inches long to wrap fully around the elbow joint.

Q. What is the best support for elbow pain?

A. It provides targeted compression and breathable support for relieving elbow pain.

About the Brand

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DMoose Enterprises Inc.

Founder: Mussayab Ehtesham

DMoose Fitness Store, a one-stop shop for all exercise equipment and accessories needs. As a leader in affordable, high-quality fitness products, DMoose strives to empower customers to lead balanced, healthy lives through the tools and support provided.
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