Dmoose Ab Roller Wheel With Elbow Support

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  • Designed with input from physiotherapists and trainers for effective and safe use.
  • Intended to effectively target key abdominal muscles when used as directed.


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Pros & Cons

What We Like …

  • Material used resists sweat build up for comfortable runs.
  • Wide and non-slip wheels provide stability.
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it best ab roller wheel with elbow support.
  • Manufacturer offers free returns which some may appreciate for product testing.

What Needs Improvement …

  • Higher priced compared to some other core exercise wheel options.
  • The handlebar design does not allow for adjustment of grip position.

Product Summary

The DMoose ab roller with elbow supports provides an effective core workout while protecting the spine due to its unique wider wheel design. It works over 20 abdominal muscles through its quality construction.

While the ergonomic design enhances safety and functionality, this also results in a higher price compared to other standard ab rollers, delivering noticeable results in as little as 2 weeks.


Weight 4lbs/1.8kg
Weight Support 330lbs/150kg
Wheel Dimensions 4″ W x 7″ D (Wider wheels : 10cm x 17.8cm )
Overall Dimensions 16.7″ L x 15.4″ W (42.5cm x 39cm)
Roller Material Rubber
Handle Material Stainless steel with cushion coating
Elbow Supports Rubber Pads

Asked A Questions

Q. What is the weight capacity of this ab roller wheel?

A. The maximum weight supported by this core wheel has not been specified. The product details do not state the recommended weight range for safe and effective use.

Q. Can I use this ab roller wheel on carpeted surfaces?

A. This core wheel is intended to function effectively on different flooring types, including carpeting. The manufacturer designed the wheel with non-slip materials/treads meant to provide a steady grip and smooth movement across diverse surfaces like carpets. Stability and control during use are goals regardless of the specific training area or environment.

Q. How do I clean and maintain my ab roller wheel?

A. For cleaning this ab roller wheel, it is recommended to use a damp cloth to wipe down the wheel and handles. The manufacturer advises against employing harsh chemicals for cleaning since they could potentially compromise the integrity of the materials over time. Owners should also routinely inspect the device for any indications of excessive wear and tear to help maintain safety during exercise sessions.

About the Brand

Dmoose delivers high-quality, affordable fitness equipment to maximize your workouts at home or on the go.

DMoose Enterprises Inc.

Founder: Mussayab Ehtesham

DMoose provides a wide range of products beyond the core wheel, including items meant to supplement workouts and support overall wellness. Some of their other offerings relate to strength training, like knee wraps for weightlifting. Additional categories involve resistance products, supplements focused on immunity, and related health/fitness goods.
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  1. Arthos H

    This ab roller wheel has revolutionized my core workouts! The exceptionally wide wheel offers excellent stability, and the non-slip surface guarantees a secure grip. I’ve witnessed notable enhancements in my core strength since incorporating this product into my routine. Highly recommend!

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