MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Whey Protein Powder

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  • 160 calories per serving
  • 3g fat, 4g carbs, 30g protein per serving
  • 4-in-1 mass gainer with 6g BCAAs, 3.2g L-leucine, and 3g creatine
  • Third-party verified quality standards
  • Pure whey aids recovery

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech is a premium whey protein blend that delivers more protein per serving than other powders to fuel muscle growth, strength gains and recovery. Containing whey protein isolate, peptides and key nutrients, Nitro-Tech has been the top choice of pro athletes and bodybuilders worldwide for over 20 years to help them push physical limits and achieve top performance.

Manufacturer: MuscleTech Brand
Category: Whey Protein Isolate

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Pros & Cons of Nitro-Tech

What We Like …

  • Increased energy
  • Builds lean muscle
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Speeds up exercise recovery.

What Needs Improvement …

  • Higher priced than basic proteins
  • May cause digestive issues for some

Product Summary

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech is the premier protein powder chosen by professional athletes and bodybuilders worldwide to fuel growth, strength and recovery. For over two decades, Nitro-Tech has delivered the most advanced formula featuring ultra-pure whey protein isolate and peptides combined with clinically studied doses of creatine, BCAAs and glutamine.

This premium blend absorbs rapidly to replenish muscles after intense workouts. Scientific research demonstrates its key ingredients drive new levels of lean muscle gains and strength increases within just 6 weeks. Nitro-Tech remains the gold standard for maximizing fitness potential.

Nitro-Tech Specs

Flavors ‎Vanilla, Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cookie & Cream, Strawberry
Key ingredients 30g Protein, 6g BCAA, 3g Creatine, 5g Glutamine
Serving Info 40 Servings
Item Weights 40 servings, 2.2lbs, 4lbs & 10lbs
Type Bulking, Strength
Dose 1 scoop after exercise

Asked A Questions for Nitro-Tech

Q. How do I take this?

A. The recommended dosage is 1-2 scoops mixed with water or milk, taken twice daily for best results in building muscle over a sustained period.

Q. Is MuscleTech Nitro-Tech good for you?

A. MuscleTech Nitro Tech whey protein contains clinically studied doses of high-quality ingredients that can help support muscle growth and recovery when used as part of a healthy diet and training program.

Q. How can you tell a fake MuscleTech Nitro-Tech?

A. Counterfeit MuscleTech Nitro-Tech protein powders can sometimes be identified by incorrect labeling, packaging or ingredient formulations that differ from authentic products sold directly by reputable retailers.

Q. Does Nitro-Tech help burn fat?

A. While MuscleTech Nitro-Tech protein powder is intended to support muscle growth and recovery from exercise, its high-protein, low-calorie formula may aid in weight loss when combined with a reduced-calorie diet and regular physical activity

Q. Does Nitro-Tech have side effects?

A. Most healthy individuals can generally tolerate MuscleTech Nitro-Tech well when taken as directed, though some people may experience minor digestive issues like gas or bloating from the protein content.

Q. When should I take this?

A. MuscleTech Nitro-Tech is best consumed between major meals and after exercise to maximize absorption and support recovery from workouts while staying hydrated.

Q. How much protein is in each serving of MuscleTech Nitro-Tech?

A. Each serving of Nitro-Tech contains 30 grams of high-quality protein from whey protein isolate and peptides.

Q. Is MuscleTech Nitro-Tech safe for athletes to use?

A. When used as directed, Nitro-Tech is considered safe for most athletes but it’s best to check with your sport’s governing body to ensure the protein powder complies with any anti-doping regulations.

About the Brand

Muscletech uses cutting-edge science to develop premium supplements that maximize muscle gains and performance.


Marketed: Iovate Health Sciences Inc.

MuscleTech has pioneered sports nutrition for over 20 years through continuous innovation and research-backed formulas. As the top-selling brand in the U.S. and worldwide, it empowers healthy lifestyles globally with premium supplements developed by leading scientists.

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