Ritual Essential Protein Daily Shake For Pregnancy and Postpartum

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  • Plant-based pea protein with a complete amino acid profile
  • 20g protein and 250mg choline per serving
  • Made for increased nutrient needs during pregnancy/postpartum
  • Supports baby’s neurodevelopment and mom’s bone health
  • Clean formula – vegan, non-GMO, no artificial additives
  • Delicious vanilla flavor without sugar or sugar alcohol
  • Traceable, high-quality ingredients like USA-grown peas
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Made with the needs of pregnant, lactating, and postpartum women in mind, Ritual Essential Protein Pregnancy drink provides rich needed nutrients for mother and baby. The formula keeps the immune system healthy, promotes strong bones, builds lean muscle mass, and more.

Manufacturer: Ritual Vitamin Brand
Category: Plant Protein Supplement

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Pros & Cons of Ritual Essential Protein Pregnancy

What We Like …

  • Excellent source of choline for prenatal development
  • Provides complete protein to build lean muscle
  • No shady additives, fillers, or artificial sweeteners
  • Great taste from natural vanilla and monk fruit
  • Transparent about premium, traceable ingredients
  • Convenient powder form for shakes/smoothies

What Needs Improvement …

  • Only one flavor variety is available
  • Some may prefer grass-fed whey or other proteins
  • Relatively higher cost than basic pea proteins

Product Summary

Essential Protein is a clean, plant-based protein powder tailored to the increased nutrient requirements of pregnancy and postpartum. Packed with complete protein and essential choline, it supports prenatal development and replenishes depleted stores.

While considered a premium option, its meticulously crafted, transparent formula and carefully tailored nutrition profile for pre/postnatal needs make it a valuable choice for expecting and new moms looking for top-quality products to support their health and well-being during this special time.

Essential Protein Preganancy Specs

Key Ingredients Organic pea protein, organic MCT oil, choline, L-methionine
Serving Info 28 servings per bag
Protein Dose 20g complete protein per serving
Special Ingredients 250mg choline, natural vanilla
Item Form Powder
Item Weight 1 lbs
Type Plant-based protein powder
Flavor vanilla

Asked A Questions for Ritual Essential Protein Pregnancy

Q. When should I start taking this protein?

A. You can begin taking Essential Protein as soon as you’re pregnant to support increased nutrient needs.

Q. Can I take this while breastfeeding?

A. Yes, this protein helps replenish nutrients lost during breastfeeding like protein and choline.

Q. What is the texture/mixability like?

A. It has a smooth, creamy texture when shaken or blended into liquids and mixes well.

Q. Is this protein third-party tested?

A. Yes, Essential Protein is third-party tested for quality and purity and certified vegan and non-GMO.

Q. How does choline benefit pregnancy?

A. Choline is essential for a baby’s brain and neural tube development. Most pregnant women are deficient.

About the Brand

Ritual is a health brand which offers a selection of plant-based protein shakes, organic supplements.

Ritual Vitamin

CEO & Founder: Katerina Schneider

Ritual is a health brand which offers a selection of plant-based protein shakes, organic supplements, and vitamins to boost health and immune system function. The products rejuvenate the skin, improve digestion, promote weight loss, resolve nutrient deficiencies, and more.

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  1. Jen Kennedy

    I’ve had a hard time getting enough protein and nutrients from food due to morning sickness. This protein powder has been a lifesaver – it’s the only thing that doesn’t make me queasy. The vanilla flavor is delicious and it’s given me peace of mind knowing I’m getting extra choline and complete protein to nourish my baby.

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